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December 12, 2016



Bloomberg (12/12)

The magazine owner has spent five months restructuring its business and replacing senior management. The goal: to persuade advertisers to pour money into Sports Illustrated, People and other titles instead of digital outlets like BuzzFeed and Vice.


Digiday (12/12)

Google’s digital infrastructure touches nearly everything on the internet, including fake-news websites. So unlike tech companies with less reach, Google requires much more than mere blacklists to block fake news publishers from using Google’s various ad services.

Bloomberg (12/11)

Fox’s co-chairmen, the 85-year-old media baron Rupert Murdoch, and his son Lachlan, have been intimately involved in discussions to purchase the 61 percent of U.K. pay-TV service Sky that Fox doesn’t already own, according to people familiar with the situation.

Network World (12/9)

A US trade judge ruled today that Arista Networks infringed on two Cisco switch patents – the second important victory the networking giant has won against Arista in their ongoing legal confrontation since it began in 2014.





Digiday (12/12)

Twitter continues to be a consideration in the content and social media strategies of brands interviewed for this story, including Marriott, Wendy’s, T-Mobile, Taco Bell and Patrón — but perhaps not as prominently as it once did.

CIO (12//12)

Blockchains are distributed, tamper-proof, public ledgers of transactions, brought to public attention by the cryptocurrency bitcoin, which is based on what is still the most widespread blockchain. But blockchains are being used for a whole lot more than making pseudonymous payments outside the traditional banking system.

Digiday (12/12)

Major cable network groups including Fox, NBCUniversal, Turner and Viacom now offer data-based advertising products, which are designed to help marketers use first- and third-party data to make better audience targeting decisions on linear advertising inventory.

Computerworld (12/10)

Many Google users believe the company records audio through phones and computers, then applies those recordings to the AutoComplete options in Google Search. I asked followers on Google+ about this and one wrote: 'If me and my wife are talking about some random subject like how long turtles live, I'll type 'how' and it will fill in 'long do turtles live' like it was listening. And I'm terrified and impressed.'

Forbes (12/10)

Agile marketers use data to develop insights and make decisions. Consequently, they’re far more nimble, which lets them maximize opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace; for agile marketers, data is a strategic asset.

Adweek (12/9)

“Last week, holiday shopping dominated a steady stream of digital marketing stats. During the last several days, the data points were more varied, providing a cornucopia of marketing intelligence.





eMarketer (12/12)

Growing penetration of smartphones and tablets has changed the way adults consume media in China, Japan, South Korea and India, according to a new eMarketer report.”



eMarketer (12/12)

The US digital video market remains a tale of two models: advertising and subscriptions. YouTube and Facebook have continued to be leaders in video advertising in recent months, while some services, notably Vimeo, Hulu and Amazon, have doubled down on subscription-based approaches.

Marketing Land (12/8)

Unlike B2C sales, B2B deals often take many months to close. But how can you determine which marketing, ad, PR or other spending drove the final deal, given such time lags for all the drivers?
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