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December 13, 2016


Computerworld (12/13)

In addition to the 34 arrests, law enforcement agencies interviewed and warned another 101 individuals. Many of the suspects were under the age of 20, the European Union police agency Europol said in a Monday statement.

PCWorld (12/12)

Microsoft Ventures has launched an artificial intelligence investment fund, signaling its parent company's growing focus on the emerging technology. The VC arm of Microsoft has also funded Element AI, an incubator to help organizations embrace an AI-first strategy.


Bloomberg (12/12)

The Toronto-based firm sells software that makes it easier for companies to set up and run online marketing campaigns, competing directly with some of the products built by Salesforce, Oracle, International Business Machines Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc.

Marketing Land (12/12)

Amazon made two announcements last week to grow its adtech business and make its shoppers’ data available to website publishers. One is the launch of a cloud-based header bidding through a Transparent Ad Marketplace, and the other is a new Shopping Insights Service.





Digiday (12/13)

Last week, Marketing Land reported that Facebook had been miscalculating how often users react to live videos and how often users like and share links posted on Facebook. Because the error is the third of its kind since September, some marketers are questioning Facebook’s maturity.



CIO (12/13)

Early in the year, the tech giant became entangled in a legal battle with the FBI over the company's refusal to help the agency unlock the phone of San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook. Apple argued that doing so would open a back door that would put other iPhone users at risk of privacy breaches.

Bloomberg (12/13)

As Microsoft officially swallows LinkedIn, it should have one goal: Make this acquisition different. The company has a track record of big buys gone south, and writedowns have topped $13 billion since 2012.

Digiday (12/13)

Google and Facebook have vowed to stop serving ads to those shady corners of the internet, but that doesn’t stop bogus stories from making their way onto top-tier publishers, which have in some cases ended up being the unintended distributors of such stories.”

Marketing Land (12/12)

Twitter is phasing out its lead generation ad format that brands could use to request people’s names, Twitter handles and email addresses. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the move on Monday.





Digiday (12/13)

With display advertising in a free fall — and what little of value there is being sucked up by Google and Facebook –publishers are increasingly turning to native advertising and sponsored content to earn meaningful revenue. The New York Times, for example, now earns nearly 20 percent of its digital revenue from its T Brand Studios..”



Marketing Land (12/12)

Every day, predictive analytics help marketers improve lead generation, sales opportunities and other critical campaign metrics. As the sheer amount of data in today’s marketing landscape continues to grow, predictive analytics might become more valuable than we’ve previously seen.
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