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December 16, 2016



Bloomberg (12/16)

Whether or not the $4.83 billion Yahoo deal goes through, the company is likely to look at purchasing digital media companies that could drive more traffic for Verizon’s advertisers. The snag over revelations of data breaches at Yahoo hasn’t caused Verizon to waver in its commitment to building an advertising business that can rival Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google.


Network World (12/15)

ttacks that exploited applications and processes legitimately running on systems – non-malware incidents – have risen from representing about 3% of all attacks in January to about 13% in November.”

PCWorld (12/15)

The measures are meant to crackdown on "clear hoaxes" spread by spammers. Users who find the false information appearing on their news feed will be able to flag it by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of a post and reporting it as a fake news story.


Bloomberg (12/15)

The deal, which was announced Thursday without terms, gives investors and fans of the ailing smartphone brand a clearer picture of the future of the device that helped usher in the mobile age. TCL has already built two phones for BlackBerry using off-the-shelf parts and blueprints: the touch screen, Android-equipped DTEK50 and DTEK60.

Bloomberg (12/15)

DeepMind, the London-based division of Alphabet Inc. that’s responsible for numerous recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, is hiring its first researcher in the U.S. to boost collaboration across the Atlantic.





Digiday (12/16)

Just last month, Instagram introduced links in Instagram stories, which can be used to promote both content and conduct e-commerce sales by brands and businesses. It has also been testing shoppable photo tags with a few select partners.



Bloomberg (12/16)

Since its launch in 2013, the Maxforce has looked at the tax status of hundreds of companies across Europe, including a deal Starbucks Corp. had in the Netherlands, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV's agreement with Luxembourg, and -- its largest case -- Apple in Ireland.

Adweek (12/15)

“From Snapchat and AI to the ad-blocking fight, it's been a year of memorable wins and innovation in the digital space. But struggle and malice have also tainted the scene. Here are the nine trends we'll remember from 2016. 

Network World (12/15)

If you're a Yahoo user you should consider your password compromised and should take all the necessary steps to secure your account. You should follow all of Yahoo's recommendations, but here are a few more that you should have in mind.”

CIO (12/14)

Despite the rise of social media and texting, email marketing is still an effective way to reach prospective and existing customers. But if you want your email to stand out in the inbox, and not wind up in the trash, avoid making these 14 email marketing mistakes.





The Drum (12/15)

The study claims that 62% of American consumers own at least one IoT device, such as a connected car, smart TV or fitness tracker, and almost two-thirds of them are willing to receive ads on such devices. An additional 55% of US adults – whether they’re an IoT device owner or not – say they are open to see ads on such products, as long as there is a perceived value exchange.
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