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December 19, 2016



MediaPost (12/19)

The strategy is designed to capture a larger share of the market, which is growing at a double-digit pace. In its September ad spending forecast, Carat, also part of Dentsu Aegis, reported that the India market will grow 12% this year and nearly 14% in 2017.


Adweek (12/19)

Last week, news of an investigation into the allegedly longstanding practice of ad agencies rigging production contracts shook the industry. Adweek later spoke to several longtime veterans of creative shops and production companies, who described scenarios in which agencies either misled production partners about the rates clients will pay for their work or asked them to offer artificially inflated rates as 'favors.'

MediaPost (12/16)

The service allowed site visitors to pay fractions of pennies to see fewer Google-served display advertisements when visiting publisher Web sites, but insiders said getting users to pay for a subscription was slow going.

CIO (12/16)

The data, called the Microsoft Machine Reading Comprehension dataset (MS MARCO) is a bundle of 100,000 English queries along with corresponding answers. It's supposed to help people build artificial intelligence systems that can understand human written language.

MediaPost (12/16)

ComScore, which has a partnership with Facebook, alerted the social-media company that iPhone traffic was being under-counted from September 20 to November 30, caused by a recent update of Facebook’s software. Traffic from Android devices and iPads was not affected.





Network World (12/19)

The basic concept of connected devices – broadly, things that haven’t historically been connected to the internet suddenly being connected to the internet – is nothing new. The uses to which the technology is now being put, however – smart cars, smart homes, and dramatically simplified industrial management – are potentially groundbreaking in a very 'the future is here' sense.



CIO (12/19)

A virtual private network is a great way to keep your internet usage secure and private whether at home or on public Wi-Fi. But just how private is your activity over a VPN? How do you know if the VPN is doing its job or if you’re unwittingly leaking information to those trying to pry into your activities?

Digiday (12/19)

There is a lot of hype around programmatic TV — the belief that TV networks and advertisers will one day adopt automation the way the digital ad industry has. But the truth is, true programmatic TV faces a lot of roadblocks on the road to wide adoption.

MediaPost (12/16)

he Ad Consortium is needed for a growing creative advertising ecosystem, say the companies, which is more multi-channel, global and complicated. Companies in the consortium include Adstream, Comcast Technology Solutions, Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Entertainment Communications Network, Syncro Services Digital Media, Yangaroo, and The Team Companies.

Columbia Journalism Review (12/16)

As publishers struggle to boost digital revenues, they seem to be coalescing around a few key strategies, which they hope will slow what has seem to be an unstoppable decline.

Adweek (12/16)

“The last several days provided an array of digital marketing data points, with figures aplenty about consumers' search habits, mobile habits, social platforms, bad ads, chat bots and more.

Marketing Land (12/16)

As marketing evolves as a discipline, so do the roles that marketing executives play in the contexts of organizations. Today, we’re increasingly reliant on data to optimize our strategies and demonstrate the value of our activities.





eMarketer (12/19)

According to the survey, a majority of the respondents said they are upping spending at least somewhat for their video marketing this year. But the levels were down from 2015. Most of the survey respondents worked for organizations in the B2B sector, where content marketing is a common tactic.



MediaPost (12/18)

According to Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Americans collectively check their smartphones more than 9 billion times a day and are doing so throughout the entire day, including first thing in the morning and in the middle of the night, presenting a great opportunity for marketers.
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