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December 22, 2016

Due to the upcoming holidays, IDG’s Corporate Offices will be closed during the week of December 26th
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The Drum (12/21)

The acquisition comes just a day after it was reported that Nielsen had paid $560m for media metadata business GracenoteVisualDNA is an audience data business that supplies data to brands, agencies and publishers. The data is based off the results of a psychographic personality test that’s been taken by over 40 million people.

Computerworld (12/21)

“'The policies prohibit Googlers from using or disclosing all of the skills, knowledge, acquaintances, and overall experience at Google when working for a new employer,' according to the complaint, which alleges that the company’s confidentiality policies are contrary to the California Labor Code, public policy and the interests of the state.


Bloomberg (12/21)

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of graphics-chip maker Nvidia Corp., has won over many investors this year with claims that his products, once confined to the niche of computer-gaming machines, are breaking out to become key components of nascent technologies from voice recognition to self-driving cars.

Network World (12/21)

The idea is that VMware customers using the company's software to run a private cloud in their own data centers will be able to expand into a similar VMware infrastructure run in AWS's public cloud, thereby forming a VMware-based hybrid cloud.





Quartz (12/22)

This year was the first time in 15 years that its sales and profit were less than the year before. That’s not to say Apple didn’t make a lot of money in 2016—it did. But it also released a bevy of new products across the year, including a new iPad Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone, and entirely new Mac laptops, that did not seem to capture the same level of excitement in consumers as previous models have.



Digiday (12/22)

While there are many similarities between the two platforms, Alexa and Assistant are apples and oranges. Last month, Google announced it had a little more than 30 “actions” developed by third-party brands and publishers; Amazon, at last count, had more than 5,000.

Marketing Land (12/21)

“Industry forecasts for marketing technology in 2017 will come fast and furious with the year’s end. But as we look ahead, a persistent issue confronts digital marketers of every stripe: data ownership.

MediaPost (12/21)

As the year draws to a close, finding ways to keep advertising investments safe and content out of reach from hackers wanting to steal millions of dollars and information will be critical to IBM's visitors in 2017. With cyber hacks on the rise, brands will begin looking for content that helps protect investments.

Adweek (12/21)

Thanks to innovations in location intelligence, marketers can now leverage real-time data to better target consumers based on where they go, effectively measure how digital ads drive foot traffic into stores, and even connect the consumer journey from ad exposure to store visit to purchase data.

CIO (12/21)

Like mobile and cloud, big data and advanced analytics have been reshaping organizations and business processes. In 2016, organizations increasingly moved data analytics projects into production as they sought the capability to better interrogate internal and external data to better understand their customers and drive efficiencies.





The Drum (12/22)

Advanced TV advertising enables marketers to segment and target audiences in plenty of ways, but demo targeting still has a place because its scale is so much larger than more refined targeting methods.


Marketing Land (12/21)

2016 has been a year of growth and transformation for digital advertising. According to the 2016 IAB/PwC Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 'across desktop and mobile, digital video generated the greatest gain of any format.'
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