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November 14, 2016



Bloomberg (11/14)

Siemens will pay $37.25 a share in cash for Wilsonville, Oregon-based Mentor, the industrial giant said in a statement on Monday. That’s 21 percent above the closing price on Friday. Elliott Management Corp., which owns 8.1 percent of Mentor’s shares, backs the offer, Siemens said.


TechCrunch (11/14)

You may best associate the name with audio equipment, but Harman is big on cars, too. The acquisition is Samsung’s largest to date and a big deal for its automotive ambitions. Around 65 percent of Harman’s sales — which totaled $7 billion over the last year — were for car-related products.”

VentureBeat (11/14)

Deep learning continues to gather steam in corporate computing, and IBM and Nvidia are teaming up to help accelerate the foundation behind artificial intelligence breakthroughs. The two companies are collaborating on a deep learning solution that melds technology from both companies in a bid to train computers to think and learn more like humans do at a faster pace.

CIO (11/11)

“Atish Banerjea has been the social media company’s CIO since October, according to his LinkedIn profile. His goal? To help Facebook scale globally and, of course, make the world ’more open and connected.’

Adweek (11/10)

Programmatic-geared TubeMogul works with brands like Dannon and Quiznos to run digital, mobile and video campaigns by powering the ad-tech pipes in platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.





The Drum (11/14)

Rather than rehash the same obstacles that usually come up in an article like this, experts from the industry have been consulted on what they feel are the hardest obstacles to overcome but aren’t always discussed.

Adweek (11/13)

“Once upon a time, global agency networks were created to help brands achieve their ambition of global expansion. Set up an office in a new country and sell your clients' products to new people; it was that easy. Now, decades later, there are so many of these agencies in existence that most holding companies are struggling to find a need for all of them.

Search Engine Journal (11/13)

People who buy products marketed to them via email spend a whopping 138% more than people outside the email marketing campaign. With figures like that, email is a channel your business can’t afford to ignore.



Digiday (11/11)

The days of buying and selling digital ads that aren’t viewable by humans should be over. But what if solving the viewability problem is indirectly causing that other industry scourge du jour, ad blocking?




Most B2B IT Consultants Can't Live Without Their CRM Tools

eMarketer (11/14)

Almost half of business-to-business (B2B) IT consultants use their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms daily, according to September 2016 research. And these same respondents feel they just can’t live without them.



eMarketer (11/14)

US brand marketers gauge how well, or otherwise, their digital video ads perform in a variety of different ways. Today, most measure digital video ad performance by looking at site traffic, June 2016 research indicates, but in the next year or two, more respondents want to be able to measure via cost per acquisition.
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