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November 21, 2016



CSO (11/21)

The deal will create what the two companies described as the world’s largest consumer security business with over $2.3 billion in annual revenue based on last fiscal year revenue for both companies.


Computerworld (11/21)

Apple has said that a few iPhone 6s smartphones are unexpectedly shutting down, confirming a problem reported last week by a Chinese consumer protection group. The company said the problem is restricted to a small number of phones within a limited serial number range that were manufactured between September and October last year.

The Drum (11/21)

Airbnb Magazine is the fruit of a partnership with Hearst’s chief content officer Joanna Coles, who has been working on the venture for the past 18 months. Coles said: 'What it does, unlike any other magazine out there, is that it taps into the expertise of you guys. Everything in it is sourced from hosts and regular travelers.'"

Adweek (11/18)

The news comes just days after Facebook unveiled plans for increasing transparency with marketers by updating its internal and third-party measurement offerings. In September, the company admitted it had inflated video metrics by as much as 80 percent for two years.”





Digiday (11/21)

“Ad buyers have issues with header bidding, with complaints that there’s still a lack of transparency and competing logic in how publishers organize their inventory, evidence that it is a big improvement over existing buying mechanisms and the fear that header bidding is really just a sales ploy by publishers to drive up prices.



Digiday (11/21)

It’s typical for publishers to say the primary function for their newsletters is audience development, and with reason: Newsletters have a measurement problem. There’s no comScore for newsletters. Advertisers have to take publishers at their word when it comes to numbers like subscriber size and open rate.

Network World (11/18)

The roles large technology companies play in eliminating jobs, and the responsibilities they should bear to fight this problem, are rarely discussed. However, senior executives at Google and LinkedIn addressed the issue on stage at Code Enterprise, telling the audience of business leaders that it is paramount for tech titans to minimize job losses by creating new opportunities.

Marketing Land (11/18)

There’s tons of information out there covering the main priorities of digital marketing. Dig around enough, and you’ll find some deeper-level strategies that you may not have thought about. Dig further, and you’ll find some other strategies that kind of smack you in the head, leaving you wondering why you weren’t already doing them.



CIO (11/18)

According to Gartner, 'the UC-as-a-Service market as a whole is transitioning from the ‘early adopter phase’ to the ‘early mainstream phase’ for enterprise delivery.' Even those enterprises once reluctant to move to the cloud are gazing upward and putting small groups of users into the cloud.





Bloomberg (11/21)

India currently contributes only about 6 percent of the value of phones sold in the country through local manufacturing or assembly, but that contribution could rise to more than 30 percent in the next five years, according to a joint study by Counterpoint Research and India’s leading management school, the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore."



Marketing Tech (11/21)

Companies with omnichannel engagement strategies retain, on average 89% of customers compared to 33% with weak strategies, according to data compiled by Invesp. For IT departments tasked with building the systems that power these experiences, it’s an enormous undertaking.



Marketing Land (11/18)

The survey polled roughly 4,000 Android phone owners in Europe, across France, Germany, Spain and Italy, about their app preferences and behaviors. Google is a member of the association and participated in the development of the study according to a Developers Alliance spokesperson.
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