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November 29, 2016

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Quartz (11/29)

In early October activist shareholders called upon Samsung Electronics to split into two entities: an operational company and a holding firm. The move would, the investors argued, improve corporate governance and unlock shareholder value, with the holding firm becoming the main ownership vehicle (paywall) for the family of Samsung Group chairman Lee Kun-hee.


Poynter (11/29)

“Bots have become an increasingly important tool for news organizations. BuzzFeed used one to help cover this year's political conventions. Vermont Public Radio used a bot to track sewage spills. Several news organizations have used bots to interact with their audiences, with mixed results.”

TechHive (11/28)

DirecTV Now is a flexible pay-as-you-go streaming service that starts at $35 per month. DirectTV's conventional satellite service is the foundation, but the content will be streamed over the internet.


Yahoo Tech (11/28)

Over 80 percent of smartphones in the U.S. are distributed by mobile network carriers in the country. Huawei is is the third largest phone maker in terms of shipments just behind Samsung and Apple. Carriers partnering with Huawei seems like a good idea, and yet U.S. carriers are reluctant to work with the manufacturer because of its low brand recognition in the country and security concerns with Huawei’s networking equipment.”

CNBC (11/28)

A curved screen, long-rumored to be in the cards for Apple, is among the prototypes, people familiar with the matter told the Journal. Apple suppliers have been asked to create thinner screens with better resolution to one-up Samsung's Galaxy Edge, the Journal reported.




Digiday (11/29)

Typically, blacklists are implemented at the demand-side platform level. But websites can change domain names, so buyers must constantly audit their blacklists for accuracy, said Elliot Hirsch, CEO of ad tech startup AdYapper.



CIO (11/28)

In 2016, organizations realized the importance of organizational efficiency, employee well-being and workplace wellness as well as engagement, flexibility, career growth and planning. You can expect those trends to only accelerate in 2017.

Forbes (11/28)

In case you’re unfamiliar with the “echo chamber” effect in social media, it functions as a direct result of the newsfeed algorithms used by Facebook and other major platforms. Newsfeed algorithms have one job; figure out what kind of content you like and serve it to you..”





eMarketer (11/29)

According to data published in November, about half of US advertising and marketing executives identified artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, the internet of things and “conversational marketing” as at least somewhat important. But almost a quarter called the IoT very important—distinctly more than the other platforms.



The Drum (11/29)

By 2019 a quarter of the world’s population will be using chat apps, according to fresh eMarketer data, and Asia Pacific is currently driving a large part of the growth. Currently there are 1.4bn mobile chat app users in the world, of which 805m are based in Asia Pacific. Usage of chat apps has grown 16% this year, according to the report.
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