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November 3, 2016



The Drum (11/3)

Facebook’s high-profile campaign against ad blockers has proven beneficial to its bottom line after the social media giant reported an 18 per cent uplift to its desktop ad revenue, double the 9% lift achieved in previous quarters, after successfully blocking the blockers.

Quartz (11/2)

The letter comes as Microsoft is expected to release Teams, its so-called “Slack-killer,” this week. Slack’s user growth has also slowed, and it’s facing fresh competition from Facebook’s Workplace.

Bloomberg (11/2)

Broadcom Ltd., whose chips are used in Apple Inc.’s iPhone and TV set-top boxes, agreed to buy Brocade Communications Systems Inc. for $5.9 billion including debt to capitalize on booming demand for cloud computing and the data centers that deliver it.

AdExchanger (11/2)

Adobe will add analytics tools from its Marketing Cloud, giving content creators access to data on how viewers interact with their content and what keeps their attention across platforms.

AdExchanger (11/2)

AOL, which has signed more than 100 publishers to its header-bidding solution over the past year, is adding a wrapper so publishers can easily integrate multiple header-bidding partners.





AdExchanger (11/3)

For advertisers, viewability is a key issue. Many ask for ridiculous completion rates and other KPI metrics on video campaigns, such as requiring that video ads are 100% in view or half of 60-second video ads are watched. On the flip side, publishers want native video ads on their sites to improve overall engagement, fit editorially, perform well and keep users on their sites.



Bloomberg (11/2)

“Busy year for Michael Ferro. Bought Tribune Publishing. Renamed it tronc. Endured ridicule. Tried to sell to Gannett. Failed. Up next: Figure out how to make money in newspapers.”



Poynter (11/2)

In just the third quarter, the Times showed a net increase of 116,000 subscribers to its news products and another 13,000 to its crosswords vertical. That brings paid digital-only subscriptions to nearly 1.56 million.

Computerworld (11/2)

When it comes to enterprise data visualization, IBM Software Engineer Rosstin Murphy thinks augmented reality trumps virtual reality. In his view, VR's "transportational" nature makes it less suited to business applications.

The Drum (11/3)

The customer journey is only becoming more complicated with hundreds of potential touch points for a transaction as simple as buying a pair of shoes. So what are brands and marketers to do?





Marketing Land (11/2)

According to new data from StatCounter, mobile devices have, for the first time, overtaken the desktop as access points for the internet on a global basis. The company said that in October, smartphones and tablets were responsible for 51.3 percent of internet usage worldwide vs. 48.7 percent for the desktop.



CIO (11/2)

Cloud computing has helped many enterprises transform themselves over the last five years, but experts agree that the market is entering something of a second wave, both for public cloud and private cloud services built and hosted in corporate data centers.



Marketing Land (11/2)

Understanding your audience is the most important aspect of any digital marketing effort. Google Analytics offers a wealth of information to understand website visitors and their behaviors, especially when combined with custom advanced segments.
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