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November 7, 2016


The Next Web (11/7)

Samsung was recently rumored to be working on a new AI virtual assistant technology to be launched along with the release of its upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 device.

CIO (11/6)

China has passed a new cybersecurity law that gives it greater control over the internet, including by requiring local storage of certain data. Human rights groups and trade associations in the U.S. and other countries have warned of the implications of the law both for internet businesses and human rights in the country.

Advertising Age (11/4)

The social network is feeling for new advertising ground in Apple TV and Roku by delivering ads to apps on those streaming video platforms, according to people familiar with the plans.




Digiday (11/7)

In the past year, as their audiences on the platform have increased, scores of them have turned to tactics including product placement, Instagram star partnerships and even tools that help them sell from their comments sections.



InfoWorld (11/7)

With 2017 fast approaching, technology trends that will keep gathering steam in the new year range from augmented and virtual reality to machine intelligence, Docker, and microservices, according to technology consulting firm ThoughtWorks.



Forbes (11/6)

There’s typically a lack of education around content marketing that results in challenges to overcoming C-suite objections and getting executive buy-in. Unfortunately, if you’re putting off adding content marketing to your marketing efforts (or calling it quits after just a couple of months), you’re not completely alone; that disillusionment for all the wrong reasons will be one of the big trends in content marketing this year.

Adweek (11/6)

The ensuing conundrum of how you reach consumers when none of them is even remotely interested in watching your commercials has certainly made a few ad executives reevaluate their career choices. But it has also given rise to perhaps the most creative thinking our industry has witnessed in decades.

Computerworld (11/4)

The users of millions of faulty Samsung Galaxy Note7s, already turned in, face a bigger potential dilemma than whether the devices might blow up: The fate of their personal data on the devices.

Adweek (11/4)

“It's been a fine week of digital marketing stats, so check out these nine data points that got our attention.”





Network World (11/4)

Humans are often the weak link in any cybersecurity defense. People behave unpredictably because we are sometimes driven by emotion and by an innate desire to trust and please other people. Also, we tend to take the path of least resistance, even if that path inadvertently creates a cybersecurity risk."


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