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October 21, 2016


Digiday (10/21)

In just over a year, the app has over 80 million downloads as of early October, according to a spokesperson. (Snapchat, on the other hand, had about 10 million a year in.) It has not only caught the attention of users and marketers alike but is also attracting significant investment.

AdExchanger (10/21)

This year, Facebook appeared to abandon its plan to develop an ad tech stack to rival Google’s DoubleClick. It shut down its SSP (LiveRail), closed the Facebook Exchange and threw away its DSP before it got off the ground. All that remains is Atlas, a former ad server repurposed as a measurement tool.

PCworld (10/21)

Intel does not object to John McAfee using his personal name in connection with his business, but it objects to the use by the maverick entrepreneur and security expert of the McAfee trade name and trademark in a way that could confuse or deceive consumers or dilute the brand. (10/21)

The team set out to build a 'truly integrated narrative' and a multimedia story that works on mobile.

Mashable (10/21)

Samsung, the largest smartphone manufacturer in India by volume and value, said it will now only launch 4G supported smartphones in India. Because of its dominance in the country, the move is likely to force incumbent players to follow the suit as well.




AdExchanger (10/20)

“The reality is that while there is a lot of smart tech being applied in the industry – deep learning, machine learning and algorithms – we’re still a way off from true advertising AI. The AI-in-ad-tech story sounds good but it’s still mostly fictional.



Marketing Land (10/20)

Great marketers aren't necessarily born that way. Columnist Jayson DeMers believes that by developing the 10 skills below, anyone can be successful.

Media Briefing (10/21)

This research only make sense in a world where no other media exist and puts the print and digital versions of newspapers in a grudge match against each other.

MobileMarketingDaily (10/20)

Mobile continues to change (and challenge) the landscape of traditional advertising. The next logical step is to focus on what provides authenticity, by making it easy for brand ambassadors to engage their peers.

MediaPost (10/21)

In the rush to use data to automate and ease ad planning and buying, it's easy to think that our entire ecosystem needs to be reinvented. Actually, there are three industry practices that have stood the test of time and might be even more valuable today.



MarketingLand (10/20)

Columnist Stephan Spencer talks about how search engine optimization has changed over the years, noting that it's still very much alive -- just vastly different from the way it once was.

Search Engine Land (10/20)

Columnist Chris Liversidge believes that audience enrichment data is key to making better optimization decisions and that search marketers should be ready to engage with an audience-led strategy.



Digiday (10/21)

Facebook is choking off reach in the news feed, so publishers are getting more creative with how to get their content in front of audiences there. One popular method: pay celebrities for sharing it. (10/20)

Virtual reality (VR) offers publishers a new way to engage with audiences, where viewers are immersed into a situation and encouraged to empathise with the characters and the issues they are watching.



TheMediaBriefing (10/20)

“Video is a priority for publishers - and not just because Facebook has told them it should be. Audiences are watching more and more digital video on a wider variety of platforms.



Mashable (10/21)

China is now the largest market in the world for Apple iOS app spending, overtaking the U.S. as number one. According to analyst firm App Annie, Chinese users spent $1.7 billion on apps and in-app purchases in the third quarter of 2016.



VentureBeat (10/21)

A couple of years ago, the respective fortunes of Apple’s and Microsoft’s tablets were clearApple was king, thanks to the iPad. And Microsoft’s awkward, overpriced Surface was just the latest hardware dud for the Seattle company. Now, the two companies are experiencing a surprising reversal of fortunes.

Telecomlead (10/20)

Spending on storage by Indian telecom network operators has witnessed a sharp decline in the second quarter of 2016, says IDC. Increased demand for optimization technologies like virtualization, de-duplication, automatic tiering, compression and thin provisioning across organizations is being seen.



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