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October 31, 2016


The Drum (10/31)

Britain’s broadband market is braced for a shake-up following the introduction of tighter advertising restrictions which will force providers to be clearer on the full costs of complicated contracts -- following widespread criticism of past practices.


The Wall Street Journal (10/28)

Google is stepping up its efforts to serve speedy content to mobile internet users with its Accelerated Mobile Pages, but the initiative is getting mixed reviews from publishers as some worry about its impact on their advertising revenue.

Computerworld (10/28)

Microsoft yesterday provided several examples of how it will support Apple's new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar in its Office suite, but gave no timetable for the changes.


Computerworld (10/28)

Last week’s massive distributed denial-of-service attack has prompted an urgent focus on the need for industry-led cybersecurity standards for internet of things devices.

The Drum (10/27)

Marketing software company Marketo has hired Steve Lucas as its new chief executive officer, taking over for founder and current CEO Phil Fernandez, who will step down on November 1.





Digiday (10/31)

Last week, AT&T and Time Warner executives told investors that a mega-merger could benefit marketers because combining the companies’ viewer data will boost targeted advertising on TV. While that’s hypothetically possible, there are many obstacles aside from data access that prevent individualized television ads from becoming de rigueur.



Digiday (10/31)

With Twitter’s announcement last week that it’s shutting down the six-second looping video platform, Viners who have amassed audience have to think where they can take the audience. For many of them, Snapchat is the answer.

CIO (10/30)

Apple, a company that has led the laptop industry in its use of PCIe solid-state drives (SSDs), again upped the ante in performance with its latest refresh of the MacBook Pro, which may be the highest performing stock system on the market."

The New York Times (10/30)

You see them everywhere, and maybe, sometimes, you click: those rows of links under web articles, often augmented with eye-catching photos and curiosity-stoking headlines about the latest health tips, celebrity news or ways to escape financial stress.


When Michael Dell stepped on stage at Dell EMC World in Austin Texas last week, the charismatic CEO that took the company private and subsequently helped orchestrate one of the largest tech acquisitions ever, was effervescent with his usual focused energy.



The Drum (10/31)

Facebook’s booming mobile ad revenue is projected to continue growing through 2016 well into 2018 despite some setbacks in 2016 regarding how it measures video views.



Adweek (10/30)

“Long before there was social advertising, there were archetypes. Not archetypes of brands, per se, but archetypes of the people we all admire and aspire to be. Those archetypes have shifted over time, from heroes of lore to sponsors of brands. But which heroes fight best for which brands is still an ever-evolving story even for the most socially savvy marketer.

Network World (10/28)

Market research firm IDC says the best thing Samsung can do to put the fiery Note7 recall behind it is to come out with a really great Galaxy S8 smartphone next year."
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