September 29, 2017

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Everything SpaceX Revealed About Its Updated Plan to Reach Mars By 2022
TechCrunch (9/29)
SpaceX also showed off the company’s rocket engine tests, noting that the longest continuous burn test for the so-called Raptor engine is 100 seconds, but that 40 seconds will be typical for Mars landing requirements.

SoftBank Plots Deals to Build $300 Billion Asset-Management Arm
Bloomberg (9/29)
The Japanese firm is eyeing further acquisitions in the financial sector in order to potentially create a $300 billion asset management arm that would also house its $93 billion Vision Fund for technology investments.”

Facebook Loses Attention as Publishers Shift Focus to Other Platforms
Digiday (9/29)
Facebook is still a big source of referral traffic for publishers overall. But it has declined as a referral source relative to Google and left publishers frustrated with lagging monetization opportunities in key areas like video.


Conde Nast Ups Pamela Drucker Mann To Chief Revenue, Marketing Officer
MediaPost (9/28)
Drucker Mann was named CMO in 2017 after a successful six-year run at Condé Nast’s Food Innovation Group (also known as FIG, which includes Bon Appétit and Epicurious), where she doubled revenue in five years. She formed FIG to jointly sell advertising for the brands.

Industry Perspectives

Informatica Brings AI to GDPR Compliance, Data Governance
CIO (9/29)
With the new software, Informatica is bringing machine learning to bear on compliance issues, aiming to give enterprises a comprehensive view of compliance-related data stored not only in geographically dispersed databases but also in email, social media, instant messages, financial transactions and other non-traditional sources.

How Would You Like Your Data: Automatic Or Manual?
AdExchanger (9/29)
“There is a belief that there is too much automation mixing with powerful data, leading to bad targeting, illogical measurement and potentially catastrophic brand failures. The solution from this group is to bring more human touch to the handling of data, which may slow processes down but is ultimately a small price to pay for the concerned marketer.

Publishers Need a New Definition of UX: From ‘User Experience’ to ‘User Expectation’
Marketing Land (9/28)
The challenge in landing on a single standard for quality in advertising is that quality is fundamentally subjective. Even great ads can lead to bad experiences if the user isn’t prepared to see them; the well-produced video ad that might work great on TV could seem jarring if rendered as an audio-on autoplay video inside a serious article.

Why Marketers Must Unify Context, Contact and Content to Survive on the Customer Journey
Adweek (9/28)
“As the marketers who are supposed to be attracting customers to these businesses, we frequently act like misplaced car or cheese salespeople. We bombard people with ads, often with little informational or entertainment value, that frequently have nothing to do with the needs, desires or mindset of the humans we interrupt with them.


AI Can Look Past Demographics to Achieve Accuracy in Consumer Targeting
VentureBeat (9/28)
Demographics share statistics on age, gender, income, education level, and of course location. While such demographics have almost single-handedly guided the advertising world’s decisions in spending billions of dollars annually, they’re simply not robust enough to fully understand modern consumers.

Research Insights
With GDPR 8 Months Away, Many Marketers Have Not Begun To Plan
MediaPost (9/28)
“The study suggests that 61% of U.S. respondents had not begun GDPR implementation as of May 2017, while 64% of UK respondents had not begun GDPR implementation as of August 2017. Four percent of U.S. respondents had not begun the process of becoming compliant at all.”

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