Actionable. Audience. Targeting.

Echo from IDG leverages our rich, global declared first-party data to offer a unique account-based marketing (ABM 360®) solution that allows you to target buyers across a number of areas.

Echo can go deeper and build data segments based on a number of target audiences such as:
  • Individuals across US, UK and Germany who have engaged with storage management content

  • Individuals from the Forbes 2000 list

  • Contacts who are looking to invest in IT security within the next 12 months across multiple countries

  • Buying personas from specific industry sectors such as retail and healthcare

Integrated Programs & Reporting

Our custom reporting will allow us to tell you:

  • Who from your target account list sees your advertising
  • Which location and country they are from
  • The level of seniority by job function within that target company
  • The most recent content engaged with by topic
  • Which individuals by function have engaged with your creative

Echo can be further enhanced through integration with our ABM 360® product suite of demand generation solutionsto provide you with engagement and buying patterns over the past 12 months from your target account list. Learn more about IDG's account-based marketing offerings.
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