Free Research Snapshot: Understand Tech-Involved LOB Involvement and Impact Within Their Organization and Improve Your Marketing Strategy


download-lob-involvement-and-impact-snapshot.pngTechnology purchasing has changed. IT and Tech-Involved LOB are now making IT purchase decisions together. 77% of  IT decision-makers collaborate with LOB on a regular basisThis changing dynamic means that tech marketers must target both IT and Tech-Involved LOB to be effective.

IDG's global study explores the role of the Tech-Involved Line of Business decision-maker (LOB) in the purchase of IT products and services.

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check_icon.png  Tech-Involved LOB's influence over annual IT budgets

check_icon.png How Tech-Involved LOB carry influence throughout the IT purchase process

check_icon.png How targeting Tech-Involved LOB and IT maximizes buying opportunity

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