Menlo Park, CA | August 23, 2018



Navigating the Tech Buyers Journey
Julie Ekstrom, SVP Sales, IDG Communications
Organizations have a delicate balancing act when it comes to technology–how do they transform into a digital business to gain competitive advantage, while at the same time maintaining operational excellence. As organizations are jumping into digital transformation, the purchase process for the variety of technologies they can leverage is not created equal. This session focuses on how the buying process varies by technology: who are the influencers, how best practices in marketing and sales alignment differ, and what are the key ‘strategic’ attributes that make vendors stand out. Using proprietary research, this session will provide insights into how to target your prospects and customers and how to tailor your approach to engage with them.
Tech Executive Perspectives Panel
Adam Dennison, SVP/GM and Publisher, CIO
Walter Curd, Vice President & CIO, Maxim Integrated Products
Ann Dunkin, CIO, County of Santa Clara, California
Deb Muro, CIO, El Camino Hospital
Building off our tech purchase process research, this interactive panel will allow you to hear directly from IT executives sharing first-hand knowledge on their organizations’ structure and focus, LOB partnerships, what their next role is and how company culture is playing a role in tech adoption. It will go into the details of who is on their teams, and how they are involved in the purchase process, how they learn about new products, new companies, etc. and will allow time for plenty of audience Q&A.
Make or Break Marketing: Customer Experience
Rob O'Regan, Global Content Director, IDG Communications
Tiffaney Fox QuintanaVice President of Marketing, HelloSign
Robin MatlockCMO, VMware
Steven Shalita, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Pluribus Network
In the crowded technology marketplace, customer experience can propel a company to new heights. Hear from CMOs about how they have driven success by delivering a superior customer experience, including:

There is a sweet spot between when tech decision-makers start evaluating a technology and when they are narrowing down their short list of vendors. Learning about that intent and determining when a prospect should be nurtured or contacted is the tight rope that marketing and sales often walk. Hear from CMOs about how they are winning when it comes to sales alignment, including: how to navigate the buyers journey and close business (both new and renewals) through their relationships with sales; customer centricity and embracing tactics like ABM; when to (or not) gate content to create engagement; and the KPIs they use to measure success. Plus a lively Q&A – your chance to ask the experts.