Reston, VA | June 24, 2015

Brian Glynn, Chief Revenue Officer, IDG Enterprise
Tech Buyers
Adam Dennison, SVP,  IDG Enterprise

In this session Adam will provide a high-level summary of the new IDG Enterprise Role & Influence of the Tech Buyer research, delving into how organization type effects purchase behavior, how they are finding and vetting new technologies and what makes a vendor a strategic partner.

Editorial Insights
John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG Communications US  Media
John will share his perspective on technology trends to watch now and into 2016, what is top of mind with the execs he is speaking with (tech and business-side), what the next wave of computing in Enterprise IT is that vendors should focus on or develop a solution around, what technology vendors he is watching and why, and common threads among his many conversations with tech executives and vendors.
Tech Panel Q&A
Moderated by John Gallant
Bob Fecteau, CIO, SAIC
Chad Sheridan, CIO, Risk Management Agency, USDA
Mohamoud Jibrell, Vice President & CIO, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Morgan Crafts, Deputy Director, Life Sciences, Northrop Grumman
​This interactive panel discussion will provide the platform for technology executives to share what is going on in their worlds: what they are focused on within their organizations, what their biggest challenges are, what technologies they are interested in, how their organizations are structured (and is that evolving and why), and how they evaluate new technologies and vendors.​
Content Marketing Futurescape
Rob O'Regan, Digital Content Strategist, IDG SMS
Rob will share a future look at content marketing trends including the role of content audits, how organizations are tying PEO channels together, the importance of developing a mobile content strategy, and the role of personas in content creation and lead generation.
Peer Perspectives Panel and Q&A
Moderated by Rob O'Regan
Patricia Brown, Director, The Content Hub, CSC
Raashee Erry, Head of Media, Neustar
Mary Kirkman, Director, Global Marketing Programs, Appian
Nick Panayi, Head of Digital Marketing & Global Brand, CSC
 ​This panel will take a look inside some successful marketing organizations to learn how they are structured around new marketing initiatives, how they are measuring ROI across channels, the role of content marketing within their mix, marketing and sales alignment, and what technologies they are using to tie it all together.