August 14, 2017

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Toshiba Chip Sale Talks Are Said to Stall On Payment Timing
Bloomberg (8/14)
Toshiba Corp.’s talks to sell its chips business to a consortium led by Bain Capital hit an impasse over the timing of payments for the business and governance issues, casting doubt on the company’s ability to complete a deal quickly.

Facebook Quietly Launches an App in China, But With a Different Name
Bloomberg (8/11)
The photo-sharing app, called Colorful Balloons, was released in May to help Facebook enter a market that it’s been blocked from since 2009. Facebook has said its goal of connecting the world wouldn't be possible without the world's most populated country, but declined to confirm the details.”

Snapchat Acquired Location Measurement Company Placed for $135 Million
Adweek (8/11)
“The Venice, Calif.-based company snapped up Placed for $135.2 million in cash. While Placed is run independently and has separate guidelines in place to protect its data and privacy, the two companies have already hinted at how they might work together to be an additional revenue opportunity outside of ads sold within Snapchat.

Accenture Marketing Sector Buying Spree Continues
MediaPost (8/10)
Accenture Interactive’s buying spree continued this week with its acquisition of marketing agency Wire Stone. The deal follows the consultant’s acquisition last week of Brand Learning. Last month it bought user experience specialist Clearhead.


Industry Perspectives
Why Blockchain Is The Future Of The Sharing Economy
Forbes (8/14)
Blockchain can help energize and unlock the sharing economy by making it cheaper to create and operate an online platform. According to many, the fusion of blockchain and the sharing economy may create a revolution that will transform our economy and share the wealth beyond certain companies and individuals.

Developing a Referral Marketing Strategy for Existing Customers
Business 2 Community (8/14)
With 74% of consumers identifying word-of-mouth as a key influencer in purchasing decisions and 92% of people ages 18 to 34 saying that they seek recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase, referral marketing is an integral component of today’s marketplace, and one that can yield impressive results if the right tactics are employed.


This Influencer Marketing Shop Created Fake Accounts to Prove That the Industry Is Full of Ad Fraud
Adweek (8/11)
While rapid follower growth isn’t the only indicator of whether an influencer paid for followers, it does raise a red flag, especially if nearly every Instagram post is sponsored. We checked the influencer's rate afterwards and it had nearly tripled due to her boosted (fake) following.

iPhone 8 Rumors: iPhone 8 Mockups Are Everywhere
Macworld (8/11)
If you passed on the iPhone 7 to wait for the iPhone 8—or the iPhone 7s or whatever name Apple decides to use—it sounds like the next phone could be the design refresh you were waiting for. Just don’t expect the headphone jack to return.

Personable is Profitable: A Case to Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy
Marketing Land (8/11)
“Content marketing strategies are great for delivering information and, if executed properly, they generate leads and have a positive effect on ROI. However, many businesses still struggle to utilize content effectively and often fail at really connecting with the reader. See these three suggestions to make your content more personable and profitable.

Snap’s User Growth is Slowing, But Advertisers Don’t Care
VentureBeat (8/11)
Snap continues to roll out innovative new features for Snapchatters and advertisers alike. Snap Map and Snap Publisher are just two recent examples. The latter helps brands quickly create vertical videos, which had previously been a barrier to adoption.

Research Insights
Out-Stream Video Is the Newest Driver of Programmatic Growth in Asia-Pacific
AdExchanger (8/14)
The phenomenal growth of mobile and video is shaping the evolution of digital advertising in Asia-Pacific. Programmatic is also expanding its reach, but publishers face some challenges in dealing with automated ad sales. Rahul Vasudev, managing director of Asia-Pacific for MediaMath, spoke with eMarketer’s David Green about programmatic advertising in the region.

Global Email Deliverability Improves Slightly, But U.S. Lags Behind
MediaPost (8/10)
Global email deliverability has remained stagnant—hovering around 80%—for the third consecutive year, according to Return Path analysis of 2 billion promotional emails sent to consumers between April 2016 and June 2017. Return Path’s data is derived from performance statistics across 140 mailbox providers throughout America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

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