August 16, 2017

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Judge Orders LinkedIn to Stop Blocking Data-Scraping Firm
U.S. News (8/15)
LinkedIn invoked a federal anti-hacking law in telling hiQ to stop. LinkedIn also installed technical blocks to prevent hiQ from accessing otherwise publicly available information on LinkedIn users. LinkedIn spokeswoman Nicole Leverich says 'we will continue to fight to protect our members' ability to control the information they make available on LinkedIn.'

Microsoft Acquires Cloud Startup Cycle Computing, Will Integrate HPC Tech Into Azure
VentureBeat (8/15)
In explaining why joining the Azure team makes sense, Founder and CEO Jason Stowe cited Microsoft’s global cloud footprint and market reach but also pointed to the tech giant’s Big Compute/HPC team as having 'delivered pivotal technologies, such as InfiniBand and next generation GPUs.'

Amazon Is Seeking $16 Billion Bond Sale for Whole Foods
Bloomberg (8/15)
The sale marks the first bond-market foray since 2014 for Amazon and will support the purchase of the organic-food chain, according to a company statement. The partnership, is expected to reduce prices at Whole Foods, an iconic yet struggling high-end grocery trying to lure more low- and middle-income shoppers.

Dun & Bradstreet is Testing Blockchain As A Way to Securely Distribute Its Content
MarTech Today (8/14)
The company is currently testing a pilot project that allows clients to verify the identity of a potential business partner through a unique blockchain identifying number that corresponds to the traditional Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number.”


Industry Perspectives
Influencer Marketing on Facebook is About to Get More Expensive
Digiday (8/16)
At first glance, it seems like Facebook is simply making it easier for advertisers to run paid promotion for influencer marketing, but the worry from execs is that Facebook’s algorithm will gradually suppress influencer posts if brands don’t boost them.

Quantum Internet Is 13 Years Away. Wait, What's Quantum Internet?
Wired (8/15)
In the near future, the quantum internet could be a specialized branch of the regular internet. Research groups all over the world are currently developing chips that might allow a classical computer to connect to a quantum network. People would use classical computing most of the time and hook up to the quantum network only for specific tasks.

March Of The Consultants; Vice Extolls Virtue Of Content Marketing
AdExchanger (8/15)
As management consultancies advise marketers on media effectiveness and inventory quality, they’re stepping dangerously close to the agency’s domain of media planning expertise. Meanwhile, major platforms like Facebook and Google are offering marketers direct, high-touch services to optimize spend on their respective platforms.

10 Tools for Creating Compelling Content for Social Media
Marketing Land (8/15)
New platforms have come into the mix. Veteran platforms continue to evolve their algorithms, rules and layouts. There are constantly new things to learn about how to use social media to get the highest coveted asset of all in this space — attention.

How Does Amazon Stack Up As A Duopoly Contender?
AdExchanger (8/15)
Despite not having an ad-focused business model, Amazon keeps Sir Martin Sorrell up at night and is the most likely candidate to challenge Google’s and Facebook’s ad dominance. But does Amazon and its assets have the potential or legitimacy to pose a real threat?

The CSO Guide to Top Security Conferences
CSO (8/15)
If keeping abreast of security trends and evolving threats is critical to your job — and we know it is — then attending some top-notch security conferences is on your must-do list for 2017 and 2018. From major events to those that are more narrowly focused, this list from the editors of CSO, will help you find the security conferences that matter the most to you.

Research Insights

Ad Market Expands 5% In Q2 Despite Mass Market Weakness, Declines Among Major Media
MediaPost (8/15)
The U.S. ad market expanded more than 5% during the second quarter, despite 'mass market weakness,' and declines in some major national media, according to a quarterly update released early this morning by Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser.

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