August 21, 2017

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Advertisers Rip a Page From Wall Street Playbook to Curb Fraud
Bloomberg (8/21)
About a fifth of digital ad spending — an estimated $16 billion this year — will wind up in the pockets of scammers, phony “publishers” who accept payments but then never display anything, according to ad verification company Adloox.

Intel's 8th-Gen Core CPUs Could Boost Laptop Performance By 40 Percent
PCWorld (8/21)
For the first time, Intel’s upcoming eighth-generation Core CPUs will feature quad-core processors inside of its chips aimed at ultrabooks, offering performance as much as 40 percent faster than in the previous generation, the company said.


Infosys Seeks CEO Ready to Enter War Between Board, Founders
Bloomberg (8/20)
The open hostilities will make it difficult to draw top candidates from outside the company and likely increase the chances an internal executive will be elevated to CEO. The Bangalore-based company, India’s second-largest outsourcer with more than $10 billion in revenue, also faces deep business challenges.”

Publicis Veteran Richman Is Departing For GroupM
MediaPost (8/18)
Richman comes to MEC from Starcom USA, where she served as president of investment, overseeing the agency’s cross-channel investment practice across clients including Airbnb, Bank of America, Kraft Heinz and Samsung.


'Mic' Lays Off Staff to Pave Way for Video
MediaPost (8/18)
The move is another “pivot to video” strategy by a digital media company, which has spread across publishers like Vocativ (which laid off its editorial staff to commit to video-only) and Vice. Roughly half of the layoffs affected Mic’s newsroom, hitting reporters and editors, as well as employees on Mic’s audience and analytics teams.”

Industry Perspectives
IT Playing Strategic Role in Digital Business Transformation
Forbes (8/21)
Traditionally seen as a tool to keep business processes running efficiently behind the scenes, in the age of Uberization and Big Data, IT has become the business process. Companies and organizations which effectively navigate and harness the flood of available data – from within and from external sources – have got a bright future, while those that miss the boat will flounder.

Media Companies and Buyers Are Finally Getting Serious About Data and Audience-Targeted Advertising
Adweek (8/20)
“The biggest industry jolt to data-based advertising should come with the launch of OpenAP, which Turner, Fox and Viacom jointly created earlier this year to provide an industry-wide audience targeting platform standard for buyers, allowing them to standardize their target segments rather than recreating them separately for each company.”

Facebook and Apple Are About to Take AR Mainstream. Here’s How Marketers Are Gearing Up
Adweek (8/20)
Apple, which has long been seen as a potential AR game changer due to the popularity of its iPhone and iPad, seems primed to give AR the turbocharge it needs to attract older demographics. When the company releases its iOS 11 mobile operating system in September, hundreds of millions of Apple-device owners will have augmented reality at their fingertips with a set of features called ARKit.

Why Choosing a Niche Helps You Produce Better Content
Marketing Land (8/18)
Specializing leads to better results, whether you’re in-house or at an agency. When you’re in-house, you basically are a specialist because your brand or product serves as your niche. When you know your subject matter well, it’s easier to determine which content format you should use and how to re-purpose content and create pieces that support each other.

Android Co-Founder Has a Plan to Cure Our Smartphone Addiction
Bloomberg (8/18)
Rubin acknowledges the downsides to the smartphone revolution he helped unleash and says his new hardware company, Essential, is working on ways to solve the tendency to check one’s phone every five minutes. 'We all lived happy lives before we had always-on internet,' he says.

Research Insights
How Social Platforms Are Using Video to Capture Audience Attention
eMarketer (8/21)
The broader digital video ad business is something that all social properties have been lusting after. eMarketer forecasts US digital video ad spending outside of social platforms will reach $13.23 billion this year, up 23.7% from 2016. By 2021, spending will reach $22.18 billion.

What Your Company Needs to Know About the Blockchain Movement
VentureBeat (8/19)
The blockchain technology market is projected to see a 61.5 percent compound annual growth rate through 2021 according to MarketWatch. And we’re seeing companies from across the spectrum — from finance, logistics, and manufacturing to research, computing, and insurance — looking to roll out blockchain projects. But what, exactly, is the appeal of this technology?

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