August 29, 2017

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Amazon Grows Its Programmatic Ad Business
Digiday (8/29)
Amazon’s public page describing its programmatic ad platform says the platform will dynamically deliver ads across and IMDb, as well as other owned and operated sites and apps, on publishers’ sites and through exchanges.

Oracle Hiring 5,000 for Cloud Business in Race with Salesforce
Bloomberg (8/28)
The move is the latest in a back-and-forth between Oracle and its main rival that last week saw Salesforce Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff saying he was on track to generate $10 billion in cloud revenue this year, a goal Oracle was trying to hit first.

Google To Refund Advertisers From Fake Traffic On DoubleClick, Adds Safeguards
MediaPost (8/28)
Some of those key initiatives include working with other industry executives and companies to make it easier to spot counterfeit ads through ads.txt in Google's platforms. The ads.txt initiative for publishers aims to help ad buyers avoid illegitimate sellers has been slow to gain traction, but Google keeps pushing.

Facebook Bans Pages Sharing Fake News From Buying Ads
Marketing Land (8/28)
Facebook already forbids Pages from buying ads that link to articles flagged as fake, through a process involving third-party fact-checkers that Facebook enacted earlier this year. But that policy didn’t wholly prevent fake news publishers from using Facebook as a way to drive traffic, since they could still buy ads linking to non-fake articles on their sites. Now Facebook is extending the penalty.

Industry Perspectives
Publishers Are Making More Video—Whether You Want It or Not
Bloomberg (8/29)
Critics have called such moves '100 percent cynical' and out of sync with audience demand. Yet Americans are watching more video snippets online, either because they secretly like them or because they’re getting harder to avoid. The growing audience for video, more valuable to advertisers than the space next to words, is causing websites to shift resources in what’s become known across the industry as the pivot to video.

What You Need To Know About VMware Cloud On Amazon Web Services
Forbes (8/29)
VMware’s decision to embrace AWS as its public cloud surprised industry analysts as well as customers. Will this deal help VMware in the long term? What does it mean to AWS, who is already the leader in the public cloud market? How will this partnership influence Microsoft?


How Far Will Social Drive Mobile Ad Spend?
Adweek (8/28)
When it comes to preferred mobile ad formats, native advertising is favored on social platforms. Native ads mimic the look and feel of the existing content on the app or mobile webpage. With many of us spending several hours each day viewing shared content through our social feeds, native ads seamlessly blend into the conversation.

8 Reasons You Aren’t Getting An ROI From SEO
Business 2 Community (8/28)
The belief that the more traffic your SEO efforts generate directly translate into a greater ROI is a flawed one. That’s because while SEO can drive traffic to your site, its full value does not manifest unless the user signs up for an account or makes a purchase.

Research Insights
Brand Safety Concerns Rising Among Europe's Programmatic Ad Sellers
eMarketer (8/29)
For those buyers still on the fence about programmatic, the biggest deterrent wasn’t brand safety or a lack of transparency about placement. Instead, it was a lack of qualified staff needed to institute automated ad buying practices, a situation nearly 40% of respondents said they suffered from.

Where People Can't Live Without The Internet
Forbes (8/29)
The polling was conducted by Ipsos to gauge public attitudes towards technology and it found that 73 percent of Americans cannot imagine life without the internet. Out of all countries polled, India had the highest share of people who couldn’t comprehend an unconnected life at 82 percent.


Social Advertising Isn't Really Driving Conversions
eMarketer (8/29
By and large, social networks haven’t cracked the code for social commerce just yet. In many cases, consumers aren’t very interested in buying something while they’re on a social platform. Just 1% of respondents ages 13 and older said they made a purchase based on a Snapchat ad they saw, and only 4% said they bought anything based on an Instagram ad.

Email Tops In B2B Data Collection: Study
MediaPost (8/28)
Email is a prime tool for collecting B2B data, second only to websites. And it’s part of an increasingly potent channel mix, according to B2B Data-Driven Marketing Strategy, a study released last week by Synthio and Ascend2. Among practitioners at 114 companies, 54% agree that they are significantly increasing their effectiveness in collecting data via channels.”

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