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March 2, 2017

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The Drum (3/2)

At $17 per share the stock was more than 10 times oversubscribed by eager investors clamoring for a stake, presenting Snap with the option of gunning for $19 per share – but it ultimately settled for the lower price to secure long term investors rather than hedge funds seeking a fast buck.

VentureBeat (3/1)

The trial judge vacated the large damages award a few months after a Texas federal jury imposed it in February 2015, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said on Wednesday the judge should have ruled Smartflash’s patents invalid and set aside the verdict entirely.


VentureBeat (3/1)

The equity-free program accepts applications from late-stage tech startups in emerging markets. The six-month training begins at the Google Developers Launchpad space in San Francisco, which opened last summer. This includes two weeks of mentorship from the Google team, top tech companies, and VCs in Silicon Valley.”

CIO (3/1)

The findings were made in a Yahoo securities exchange filing on Wednesday that offered more details about the 2014 breach, which the company has blamed on a state-sponsored hacker.

Bloomberg (3/1)

The world’s largest PC maker struck an agreement to sell a 49 percent stake in the joint venture to a unit of Sunac China Holdings Ltd., the company that’s investing $2.2 billion in another struggling Chinese tech company called LeEco.




Bloomberg (3/1)

The always-on video conference, also known as a wormhole or portal, is part of an evolution in office design with efficiency in mind. Other innovations soon to be seen at an office near you include augmented reality office spaces, real-time translation tools and super-fast 5G internet, which should allow many workers more flexibility to work remotely.

Computerworld (3/1)

The robotics industry has already seen significant growth in recent years and will only further accelerate. Robots are  expected to serve in many roles, from assisting people in homes, stores and medical facilities, to manufacturing in factories and even handling security and law enforcement tasks.



Network World (3/1)

This advice will mean different things for different users, but the basic idea is that if you deploy an application or piece of data to one point in the cloud, it will not be very fault tolerant. Depending on how highly available you want your application to be will determine how many baskets you spread your workloads across.

The Drum (3/1)

According to Bob Cohn, President of The Atlantic, staff has tripled over the last five years and the brand has quadrupled its monthly unique visitors to to the tune of 33.5m unique visitors after setting monthly traffic records in October, November, January and February.

VentureBeat (3/1)

“One of the primary beneficiaries of our super-connected world will be the very networks we have come to rely on for information, communication, commerce, and entertainment. Much has been written about the 'networked society,' but on this transformative journey, the network itself is becoming a full-fledged, contributing member of that society.

Marketing Land (3/1)

The real insight comes once you truly understand your audience and begin delivering content that’s going to speak to them, knowing that business goals are always more attainable with an engaged, committed reader.





MediaPost (3/1)

SendGrid compiled data from nearly 50 billion emails sent to almost 2 billion different email addresses, from more than 100,000 different senders who used the company’s cloud-based customer communications platform.



The Drum (3/1)

Collectively, a survey of millennials, gen-xers and baby boomers found Facebook to be 29% more popular than Instagram—the respondents’ nearest, cross-generational preference. Further, Facebook’s widespread popularity is nearly identical among Gen X (64.7%) and baby boomers (65.2%).

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