October 11, 2017

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Microsoft Ventures, Madrona and Others Launch $3.5M AI Startup Competition
TechCrunch (10/10)
“The companies are looking for (very) early-stage AI startups in North America, Europe and Israel. The Innovate.AI competition will award $1M in funding to one startup per region (North America, Europe and Israel), in addition to a $500,000 'AI for Good' prize.

Salesforce Launches Facebook Analytics Tool For B2B Marketers
MediaPost (10/10)
Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook is a new Marketing Cloud integration that connects marketers’ CRM data to social media for more targeted advertising. Salesforce can leverage metrics like email engagement and lead nurture scores to build audience segments.

IDC Unveils Industry's First Digital Native Enterprise Scorecard
IDC (10/10)
Unlike anything else in the industry, the new scorecard is a necessary tool to understand the scope and impact of DX, facilitate an in-depth analysis of DX investments relative to strategic enterprise priorities, and identify both leading and trailing indicators.

Under SAP, Gigya Aims To Be The Consumer Identity System Of Record
AdExchanger (10/10)
On Tuesday, Gigya and SAP launched the Enterprise Preference Manager, a platform giving marketers the ability to manage consumer opt-ins and to maintain a record of the terms of service they’ve subscribed to. Gigya and SAP are banking on a growing need among brands to manage consumer identity more effectively amid changing data regulations.


Intel Moves Towards Production Quantum Computing with New 17-Qubit Chip
TechCrunch (10/10)
“'Our infrastructure allows us to adapt the materials and the package,' Intel’s director of quantum hardware, Jim Clarke, said. 'If you think of a material that might be good for a qubit chip, Intel likely already has a mature process for that material or at least experience with it.'

Industry Perspectives
Product Management in Digital Transformation: What's Different?
CIO (10/11)
Many organizations view the product management role as a tactical role aiming to listen to customers and stakeholders and manage the product with the goal of growing revenue and the number of customers. But product management disciplines go well beyond managing everyone’s wish list.

How One UK Sports Publisher Went All Programmatic
Digiday (10/11)
When most of a publisher’s revenue comes from programmatic advertising, the margin for error is razor thin. That’s why digital sports publisher GiveMeSport, which relies on programmatic for 95 percent of its revenue, rebuilt its ad tech stack from scratch and shed seven vendor partners four months ago.

4 Crucial Things Marketers Can Learn From Equifax’s Brand Catastrophe
Adweek (10/11)
Speed is critical when responding to a crisis—particularly one that involves consumers’ personal information. Equifax waited six weeks after discovering the breach to disclose it. (It doesn’t help that during this window, three executives sold $1.8 million in shares.)


Hey Siri, Google Assistant is Winning the AI Game and It's Not Even Close
Macworld (10/11)
Google CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off the the Made by Google event by talking about his favorite topic: machine learning. It’s not enough that Google makes uncannily accurate search algorithms anymore. Google is using its AI smarts to make its products more responsive and adaptable to each user’s lifestyle.

4 Myths About Video Social Media Marketing, Debunked
Marketing Land (10/10)
For a long time, marketers have believed that on mobile social apps, people only have patience for vertically oriented video frames. This myth echoes the erroneous conventional wisdom of years past, when we all asserted that desktop website visitors don’t scroll, so we should all make sure to place calls to action 'above the fold.'

Research Insights
Will Consumers Rebel at Idea of AI-Created Ads?
eMarketer (10/11)
The study from digital marketing company Syzygy, which surveyed 6,000 internet users in Germany, the UK and the US, revealed that fully 71.1% of respondents were indifferent about brands using AI-created ads. Just 6.7% had a positive attitude, while nearly a quarter (22.3%) felt negatively about it.

What’s Holding Back Enterprise Security Technology Transformation?
CSO (10/11)
ESG research from early 2017 indicates that 45 percent of organizations admit to a “problematic shortage” of cybersecurity skills. This means they are understaffed and lacking skills in critical areas. New technology projects take time to research, test, purchase, provision and operate.


63% of Amazon Advertisers Plan to Spend Even More Over the Next Year
Adweek (10/10)
According to Catalyst’s research, 63 percent of U.S. brands who currently advertise on Amazon plan to up their budget with the platform over the next year. Meanwhile, 54 percent of the same group of brands said they planned to up their Google budgets, while 53 percent planned to beef up Facebook.

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