October 17, 2017

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Docker Embraces Kubernetes, Will Let Customers Run It Alongside Swarm
VentureBeat (10/17)
Businesses using Docker EE will be able to take their pick of container orchestration software, running applications using Docker’s Swarm orchestrator alongside Kubernetes-managed apps on the same compute cluster.

Google's 'Advanced Protection' Locks Down Accounts Like Never Before
Wired (10/17)
On Tuesday, Google announced the launch of a new 'advanced protection' setting for Google accounts, which makes it harder than ever for hackers to break into your sensitive data on Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube or any other Google property. The opt-in, ultra-secure mode is intended for truly high-risk users.”

DAX Acquires AudioHQ, Adding US Presence For Programmatic Audio Platform
AdExchanger (10/17)
DAX is a programmatic audio exchange owned by UK broadcast giant Global and consisting mostly of UK-based media supply. By snapping up AudioHQ, which has seven US-based sales reps, it enters the budding US programmatic audio market. It will also grow its audience from 130 million to 160 million globally.

Mobile Carriers Sell Users' Personal Information to Third Parties
CSO (10/17)
There is a very rigorous framework of security and data privacy consent. The main issue is that with all the legitimate mobile change events fraudsters get in… For example, if you download a mobile banking app today, the bank is not sure if it is you on your new phone or someone acting as you.”

Industry Perspectives
Demystifying the Dark Science of Data Analytics
CIO (10/17)
Despite its somewhat enigmatic reputation, analytics has repeatedly demonstrated that it is a proven science, a powerful tool that generally leads to significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, sales, profits and other key business metrics and goals.

How Brands Are Using AR to Engage Consumers and Measure Results
Adweek (10/17)
As platforms like Apple, Facebook and Snapchat open AR to the masses, Patrón isn’t the only brand betting on the technology. Ikea, MTV and Kate Spade New York are cashing in on AR and analyzing new sets of data to gauge their success. 

Today’s CMO Must Redefine Marketing And Identity
AdExchanger (10/16)
That system is dying rapidly, as mass media channels become fragmented into thousands of websites, apps, streaming media channels and experiences we don’t even understand yet. As a marketer, you can’t 'buy eyeballs' today like you used to. This paradigm is largely responsible for the ever-shrinking average CMO tenure, from 44 months last year to 42 months today.

How Amazon is Using Training Programs to Target Ad Buyers
Digiday (10/16)
While ad training from Amazon keeps select agencies informed on new ad features, it seems to only address the basics. As Amazon’s ad offerings become more sophisticated, some believe Amazon should offer every agency more clarity on things like bidding strategy for the platform’s advertising programs.”

Here’s What Marketers Need to Know About Voice Search
Adweek (10/17)
V-commerce is about to get a huge boost, thanks to Walmart and Google. Earlier this month, the retail colossus launched voice ordering on Google Home for more than 2 million products, as part of a bigger partnership with the Mountain View, Calif.-based tech giant.

Research Insights
Improving the Customer Experience Is Key to Digital Transformation
eMarketer (10/17)
An August 2017 survey from research firm Altimeter asked digital transformation professionals in five countries (US, Canada, the UK, France and Germany) where they were focusing resources to implement digital transformation at their company. It found that almost half (46.6%) were investing in creating a seamless customer experience across all social, mobile, web and ecommerce efforts.

U.S. Publishers: $15.8B Annual Revenue Lost To Ad Blocking
MediaPost (10/16)
The study reveals that the use of ad blockers continues to rise in the U.S., with 26% of consumers now using them, up from 22% in 2016. estimates a loss of more than $15.8 billion in publisher revenue, up from nearly $11 billion last year.

80% Of Enterprises Are Investing In AI Today
Forbes (10/16)
Teradata commissioned Vanson Bourne to complete the State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises survey in July 2017. Vanson Bourne selected 260 IT and business decision-makers VP-level or higher from organizations with a global revenue of more than $50M a year were interviewed in July 2017.

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