October 18, 2017

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Accenture Continues Its Agency Acquisition Spree, Buying French Retail Network Altima
Adweek (10/17)
The 20-year-old Altima currently employs between 350 and 370 people across its offices in Paris, Roubaix, Lyon, Montreal, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The company specializes in designing ecommerce, mobile and in-store customer experiences and related strategies.

Alphabet to Pack its Digital City With Autonomous ‘Taxibots’
Bloomberg (10/17)
The plans show Alphabet’s broad ambition for autonomous vehicles and how Chief Executive Officer Larry Page sees the technology as a key tool for modernizing cities. Alphabet businesses are supposed to be independent, but Sidewalk Labs’ plan suggest multiple divisions can still work together on big initiatives.

Cisco Using AI and Machine Learning to Help IT Predict Failures
TechCrunch (10/17)
IDC’s Chris Barnard says these kinds of offerings are giving companies who are mired in the modernization process the ability to keep up even when they lack in-house expertise. 'The landscape is evolving too fast for some businesses to keep up with digital transformation, as a result they rely on their larger vendor partners with the skills, expertise and capabilities to help address these talent gaps,' Barnard said in a statement.

Intel Proposes System to Make Self-Driving Cars Blameless
Bloomberg (10/18)
Intel is trying to come up with a framework that will help prevent the potential chaos of putting machine-driven vehicles and those piloted by unpredictable humans on the road at the same time, a necessary step on the path to a future where steering wheels become obsolete.


The Flawed System Behind The Krack Wi-Fi Meltdown
Wired (10/17)
ON MONDAY, THE security community scrambled to unpack Krack, a fundamental vulnerability in the ubiquitous, secure Wi-Fi network standard known a WPA2. Though some of the most popular devices are mercifully already protected, a staggering population remains exposed to data theft and manipulation every time they connect to WPA2 Wi-Fi.

Industry Perspectives
Why Google and Facebook Won’t Be Defined as Media in the UK
Digiday (10/18)
In reality, what ministers care about is how quickly platforms remove illegal content, according to media lawyers. Germany has passed a law that Google and Facebook can face fines of up to €50 million ($58.8 million) if they persistently fail to remove illegal hate speech within 24 hours.

Audience Segment Quality: Mostly Real Or Mostly Modeled? Does It Matter?
AdExchanger (10/17)
With modeling, it’s possible to identify potential buyers that look like recorded buyers across hundreds of variables and are very likely to make a purchase. Since modeling is an important piece of creating audience segments, advertisers need to understand how it impacts the quality of the segments they're using to deliver their content.

Real Time Data is So 2015. It’s Anytime Data That Counts.
Business 2 Community (10/18)
On the surface, it seems obvious that having real time data is essential for every project, but adding that requirement also adds significant expense. The truth is, there are many cases where real-time data is not necessary. It’s important to think through the logic of when and where you really need real-time data before setting up new projects.

Apple’s Move to Kill Cookies Isn’t a Crisis — It’s an Opportunity
Marketing Land (10/17)
The update brings Apple one step closer in its decade-long quest to make cookies obsolete — a perilous development for the 91 percent of marketers that still rely primarily on cookies to identify users and build customer profiles.

AI-First Marketing Could Help Brands Perfect the Customer Experience
VentureBeat (10/17)
Google has already announced that it is rethinking all of its products for the AI-first age. There is no better reflection of the shift of AI from the edges to the core than the fact that even Google, a company that has long been a pioneer in using machine learning and AI, thinks that its products need to be reimagined.

Research Insights
Data Sharing Within Organizations Continues to Be an Obstacle
eMarketer (10/18)
A September report from the CMO Council and SAP Hybris found that less than one-quarter of marketers worldwide say they have full access to data from across their organization to give them a comprehensive view of customers.

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