October 2, 2017

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Equifax Has Amassed Salary Details for People at 7,100 Companies
Bloomberg (10/2)
Salary history is the 'holy grail' in the recruiting world, said John Sullivan, a professor of management at San Francisco State University and an expert in human-resources strategy. If that information were exposed it could be particularly valuable to head hunters who help corporate clients poach talent from rivals, he said.

To Please Subscription-Hungry Publishers, Google Ends First Click Free Policy
Digiday (10/2)
The talks to do away with first click free go back at least a year. Publishers complained that the policy dictated their business terms, forcing paywalled publishers to give their content away for free if they wanted it to be surfaced in search results.

Intel Makes the Case for Wireless PC-Based High-End Virtual Reality
VentureBeat (10/1)
“Director of VR excellence at Intel, Kim Pallister, said Intel tried at first to put the processing power in the headset itself so that you don’t have to connect a wire to a PC. But the company also worked on connecting the headset display to a PC via a wireless technology. Pallister thinks that will deliver a much better experience.

Industry Perspectives
Digital Transformation: Your Career at a Crossroads
CIO (10/2)
CIOs and other IT leaders are finding themselves scrambling to update their skills and capabilities as they forge ahead in their modernization efforts. Those who prepare reap the benefits: 71% say their standing within the business has improved in the past three years, and 60% say they are able to influence broader company strategy.”

Inside IBM's Bold Vision For AI: 7 Strategic Insights From CEO Ginni Rometty
Forbes (10/2)
“'It’s our responsibility if we build this stuff to guide it safely into the world. First, be clear on the purpose, work with man. We aren’t out here to destroy man. The second is to be transparent about who trained the computers, who are the experts, where did the data come from.'

How to Secure the Industrial IoT: A Q&A with GE's CISO
CSO (10/2)
Most of the discussion around cyber security focuses on the role of enterprise IT, how it can best protect corporate and customer data. Companies in the manufacturing and industrial space, however, have to take a much broader approach to security as their products and equipment become connected to the internet."


Brands Are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working
Adweek (10/1)
“'There’s a consensus among marketers that brand experience builds loyalty,' explains Freeman CMO Chris Cavanaugh. 'We found that almost 60 percent of CMOs said they valued brand experience for its ability to create ongoing relationships with key audiences.'

SAP Has Been 'Thinking'; Is Ready To Start 'Doing'
MediaPost (10/1)
“'We’re responding to a lot of the challenges that we’re hearing from our customers,' Alicia Tillman, chief marketing officer at SAP, tells Marketing Daily.'There are a lot of channels and opportunities that provide insight; it’s necessary to start taking that insight and turning it into a benefit for your business.'


Are Ad-Tech Companies Pitching Solutions to Problems That Don’t Exist? One Exec Thinks So
Adweek (9/29)
“'[Ad-tech companies] think that they can drive more yield because it’s more demand, but it’s arbitrage players taking that inventory, re-selling it three times, sometimes mislabeling it,' he said. 'The buyer thinks that they bought it cheap or they got a good deal, but really, they didn’t.'

Research Insights
New Research Details the Privacy Implications of Email Tracking
CSO (10/1)
As Princeton University researcher Steven Englehardt explained, by simply opening an email, 'This allows those third parties to track you across the web and connect your online activities to your email address, rather than just to a pseudonymous cookie.'

Search Advertising On Growth Track For 2017, Impact Of Amazon Still Unknown
MediaPost (9/29)
Both Merkle's and Kenshoo's analysis suggest that mobile will remain strong. Merkle estimates marketers spent 51% more on Google for mobile compared with the year-ago quarter, but fell from 64% from second-quarter 2017.

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