October 26, 2017

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Huawei is Building its First Digital Marketing Team in Europe
Digiday (10/26)
Job descriptions are still being finalized, but Huawei is looking for performance marketers, analytics experts and social media strategists. Future roles will likely focus on the internet of things, artificial intelligence and mobile connectivity.

AWS Beats Google and Microsoft to Launch Instances with Nvidia Volta GPUs
VentureBeat (10/25)
Nvidia launched a new GPU Cloud offering alongside AWS, one designed to provide companies with the most optimized environment for running deep learning applications on top of the company’s hardware in a public cloud.


What’s Really Behind the Cisco-Google Hybrid Cloud Partnership
Network World (10/25)
It’s the latest partnership for Google’s cloud since former VMware CEO Diane Greene took over management of the company’s cloud operations. Google has inked similar pacts with VMware and hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Nutanix.”

Two New Facebook Tools Will Help Brands Craft Ads for Each Environment
Adweek (10/25)
The social network said in a Facebook Business blog post, 'Dynamic creative will analyze which version of the ad performed best with each audience and in each placement, including News Feed, Instagram and Audience Network, giving you the insights you need to run the most effective ads and drive results for your business.'

Industry Perspectives
Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Moment May Not Mean What You Think
Bloomberg (10/26)
“Some fear that rather than a moment of triumph, Google’s quantum supremacy announcement may backfire. They fret that the search giant's PR machine and the journalistic catnip of the phrase will lead to inflated expectations about what the technology can do—and result in inevitable disillusionment when those expectations are dashed.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Beware Of The HIPPO Effect!
Forbes (10/26)
Avinash Kaushik was the first to coin the term HiPPO in his book Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. When a HiPPO is in the room and a difficult decision needs to be made but there’s not data or data analysis to determine the right course of action one way or another, the group will often defer to the judgement of the HiPPO.

On the Minds of European Publishers: Platform Pushback, GDPR Enforcement and Ad Fraud
Digiday (10/26)
Publishers need to balance user experience and revenue, and different parts of the business favor one over the other. It’s tempting to load up sites with video ads, but audiences are already inundated with autoplay video, outstream ads that follow them as they read and 30-second pre-roll ads. But removing formats like autoplay can cause short-term declines in revenue.

Ad Tech Partnerships: Catalyst Or Crutch?

AdExchanger (10/25)
“Partnerships can be helpful by cost-efficiently extending market reach. However, there are fundamental aspects of capital markets and the ad tech industry specifically that suggest long-term strategies should focus more on owning a broader portion of the value chain and less on leveraging partnerships to support growth.

What is a Data Scientist? A Key Data Analytics Role and a Lucrative Career
CIO (10/26)
A data scientist’s main objective is to organize and analyze large amounts of data, often using software specifically designed for the task. The final results of a data scientist’s data analysis needs to be easy enough for all invested stakeholders to understand—especially those working outside of IT.

How to Avoid the “Agency Measurement Paradox” and Win Client Confidence
Marketing Land (10/25)
The ongoing drumbeat to prove ROI has led many agencies to start using attribution models to measure digital, but the outputs from digital attribution often are misleading. Other agencies have developed proprietary mix models to help prove their success.

Research Insights
Data Breaches Rose By 164% in First Half Of 2017
MediaPost (10/25)
Identity theft was the leading type of breach, accounting for 74% of all data breaches—an increase of 49%. The number of compromised records in this area increased by 255%. Nuisance breaches, while they added up to only 1% of the total, led to 81% of all stolen or comprised records.

To Achieve Personalization, Marketers Need Resources
eMarketer (10/25)
Sailthru, a personalization technology company, surveyed 146 UK and US marketers in the commerce, publishing and retail industries about their views on customer personalization—and asked them what impedes their goals in this area. Out of the many challenges mentioned, a plurality of respondents—roughly four in 10—said one of the leading barriers was a lack of resources such as time, people and money.

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