October 5, 2017

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‘Mind-Boggling’ Math Could Make Blockchain Work for Wall Street
Bloomberg (10/5)
Known as a 'zero-knowledge proof,' the new code will be included in an Oct. 17 upgrade to the ethereum blockchain, adding a level of encryption that lets trades remain private. Previously, users were able to remain anonymous but transactions were verified by allowing everyone on the network to see them.

Everything Google Revealed: Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Google Home Max, and More
PCWorld (10/4)
“Google's annual hardware event on October 4th didn't disappoint. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were revealed, as expected, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Google also expanded the Google Home lineup with not one, but two new smart speakers, its Daydream VR headset, and finally rolled out the Pixelbook.”

LinkedIn Is Developing a Tool to Give Recruiters Access to Rich Data on Talent, Companies
Adweek (10/4)
Head of product, talent insights and talent brand Eric Owski introduced LinkedIn Talent Insights in a blog post, saying that when it launches in the summer of 2018, recruiters will have access to two types of reports: Talent Pool and Company.

Microsoft Acquires Social Virtual Reality App AltspaceVR
TechCrunch (10/4)
Microsoft is excited to incorporate communications technology into our mixed reality ecosystem. Today’s social experiences can be one sided. But AltspaceVR takes social networks, combines them with real-time experiences, and leverages immersive presence to transcend beyond sharing posts to sharing situations.

Industry Perspectives
Programmatic Advertising is Preparing for the First-Price Auction Era
Digiday (10/5)
Second-price auctions—where the second-highest bidder determines the sale price of an impression—have been the underpinning of programmatic. But this pricing model has been called out for lack of transparency, as some supply-side platforms mislabel the type of auction they run or raise the price floors without media buyers’ knowledge.

Data Quality: In Demand But Hard To Define
AdExchanger (10/5)
Imagine you want to know the gender of an audience with 10 million profiles, sourced from multiple vendors. What accuracy rate counts as a quality outcome? Perfection is unrealistic at that scale, but 50% accuracy is no better than a guess.

What Amazon's $294 Million Bill Tells Others in EU's Sights
Bloomberg (10/4)
For tax purposes, the EU considers that transactions between a multinational’s subsidiaries should be set at the same price an unrelated company would pay—a concept that is known as the arm’s length principle. In the Amazon case, given that the unit collecting royalties had no employees, the EU said it’s hard to explain how the payments could be justified.

Cognizant's CEO Francisco D'Souza Sees Bluer Skies Beyond the I.T. Adversity
Forbes (10/5)
The overriding thought that comes to mind is just how much innovation we've seen. About 24 years ago, when we started Cognizant, technology was largely a back-office function. It's gone from there to becoming the very basis of competitive advantage for many of the businesses we serve.”

Research Insights
Many Marketers Say Media Buyers Are Responsible for Brand Safety
eMarketer (10/5)
According to an August 2017 study by the CMO Council and Dow Jones, two-thirds of brand marketers worldwide place onus on media buying firms to ensure proper ad placement. But marketers have also taken brand safety into their own hands to ensure reputable placement of their digital ads.

Attribution Leads To Falloff In Email Spending: Study
MediaPost (10/4)
As a result of attribution, only 28% of marketers are increasing their email budget this year compared with 41% in 2016, according to 'The State of Marketing Attribution 2017,' a new study by AdRoll for Econsultancy. Worse, 32% are decreasing their email budgets, versus 24% last year. And attribution is again to blame.

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