October 9, 2017

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AOL Instant Messenger to Shut Down in December
NY Times (10/6)
“AOL Instant Messenger, the chat program that connected a generation to their classmates and crushes while guiding them through the early days of digital socializing, will shutdown on Dec. 15, its parent company announced on Friday.”

Alphabet's Project to Restore Wireless Service in Puerto Rico with Ballons Gets FCC Approval
Fortune (10/7)
The FCC has approved an experimental license for Alphabet, Inc’s Project Loon to attempt to restore wireless service to storm-ravaged Puerto Rico using its high-altitude balloons, according to FCC Chief of Staff Matthew Berry.

Microsoft Has Given Up on Trying to Make Windows Phones a Thing
Fortune (10/9)
A few months back, Microsoft (MSFT, +0.03%) ended support for its Windows Phone 8.1 platform. However, that version was succeeded by Windows 10 Mobile—a more handset-friendly version of Microsoft’s desktop operating system. Responding to questions from Windows Phone users on Sunday, Belfiore said Microsoft would still provide bug fixes and security updates for Windows 10 Mobile, but building new features and hardware is no longer a focus for the company.

Industry Perspectives
Where Programmatic is Gaining Ground in Asia-Pacific
eMarketer (10/6)
In Asia-Pacific, programmatic is still in its early innings in several emerging markets, but more mature markets are beginning to mirror the US’ and Western Europe’s adoption rates.

At MarTech Conference, Tech Evangelist Robert Scoble Envisions How AR and VR will Transform Marketing
MarketingLand (10/6)
“Robert Scoble predicted that, within three to five years, consumers, business buyers and marketers will commonly call up augmented reality (overlays on real scenes through smartphones and glasses) and immersive virtual environments (using goggles and glasses). The effect on marketing, he envisions, will be nothing less than profound."

Why Proactive Tech Will Be The Next Great Tech Wave
Forbes (10/9)
Due to several advancements in supporting technology, mankind is now moving toward proactive tech, and it will change the way we live our lives. Regardless of the industry, there are basically three forms of technology. Each is useful, and each has existed for some time."

Why Content Creators Are Using This Simple Article Format to Draw a Bigger Audience
Content Marketing Institute (10/8)
A glance through Content Marketing Institute’s recently published posts, Growthhackers Must Read articles, or BuzzSumo’s most-shared marketing content from the past six months makes it clear – one blog post framework seems to be winning: How (Company You Know) Is Doing (Something) to Achieve (Positive Result)

Research Insights
eMarketer Updates US Time Spent with Media Figures
eMarketer (10/9)
Individuals in the US still manage to spend the equivalent of half a day consuming media. eMarketer estimates that adults will spend an average of 12 hours, 1 minute per day with major media in 2017. People have become more efficient at multitasking, thanks largely to mobile devices (excluding voice), which will take up more than one-quarter of total media time.

Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Revenues Grow 25.8% in the Second Quarter of 2017, Driven by Expansion in Public Cloud, According to IDC
IDC (10/5)
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew 25.8% year over year in the second quarter of 2017 (2Q17), reaching $12.3 billion.

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