September 14, 2017

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Samsung Creates $300 Million Fund and New Business Unit for Autonomous Driving Tech
VentureBeat (9/14)
Samsung has made previous investments in battery technology for electric vehicles, including investments in California-based Seeo, which develops rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and StoreDot, a company that’s building instant-charging batteries for electric cars.

Microsoft Adds Cloud Security to Keep Out Hackers – and Government Snoops
Bloomberg (9/14)
Called Azure confidential computing, the technology encrypts data while it is in use – which is when most security breaches occur, according to Azure Chief Technology Officer Mark Russinovich. The new product works by placing customer information in a virtual enclave, essentially a black box that keeps anyone outside the customer – including Microsoft itself – from accessing the data.

Google Reportedly To End First Click Free On Publisher Sites
MediaPost (9/13)
Google will allow publishers to opt out of the program, but The Wall Street Journal reports that it did just that earlier this year and in August 2017 month saw its traffic from Google search fall 38%  and 89% from Google News  compared with a year earlier. Basically, its articles were demoted in search results.

Apple Discussing $3 Billion Stake in Bain’s Toshiba Bid
Bloomberg (9/13)
The Cupertino, California-based company is helping swing the deal away from Western Digital Corp., one of Apple’s own suppliers that tried to buy the chips unit with KKR & Co. Apple’s money will help fill a gap left when state-backed Innovation Network Corp. of Japan and Development Bank of Japan decided to pull back from the Bain bid in the face of litigation from Western Digital.

Amazon Is Opening Up Its Ads Business, and Marketers See a Big Opportunity to Shake Up Search
Adweek (9/13)
As brands have complained about the duopoly of Facebook and Google controlling most of the digital ad ecosystem, Amazon is on the lips of consumer-packaged goods and retail brands as digital’s third big player, and the Seattle-based ecommerce giant is quietly talking to marketers about its ad offering this week and speaking on a few panels.

Industry Perspectives
European Broadcasters Form Combined Programmatic Video Exchange to Rival Duopoly
Digiday (9/14)
The programmatic exchange is being run independently from the partners, an approach that’s emerged as vital ingredient for the longevity of such an alliance without any internal bureaucracies within the shareholders slowing progress.

Apple Watch Series 3: The Best Product from Apple’s iPhone X Event
Macworld (9/14)
“The Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular is worth every penny of its $399 price tag. In just three years, Apple has transformed Apple Watch from an underpowered, subordinate device into a fully independent one with industry-leading health sensors and an iconic design.

As Data And Cloud Rise, Lines Are Blurring Between Developers And Data Scientists
Forbes (9/14)
Technology is enabling developers and data scientists to do more and share more while using fewer resources. To streamline processes and effectively share knowledge, both teams need to be equipped with a cloud platform and embrace a collaborative environment instead of being restricted to working in separate silos with different tools and programming languages.


IBM's Rometty Sees AI Changing, Not Eliminating, Future Jobs
Bloomberg (9/13)
Rometty said the issue of skills is 'front and center' in the U.S. now, even without considering the impacts of AI. She reiterated her view that education has to be 'fundamentally revamped' in this country for 'the era of man and machine.'

Facebook Is Making Its Biggest Play to Improve Brand Safety, but Is It Enough to Gain Marketers’ Trust?
Adweek (9/13)
While Facebook is forking over more data that advertisers haven’t previously been privy to see, such data has already been available through ad-tech and digital companies for several years, said R/GA’s Chapman. 'It’s nice to see Facebook starting to catch up with where transparency was a few years ago,' he said.

Research Insights
The Best Enterprise Anti-Virus Protection May Not Be Enough
CSO (9/14)
Anti-virus is particularly bad at catching ransomware, one of the biggest new threats that companies face. In a March survey of 500 organizations, anti-phishing vendor KnowBe4 found that only 52 percent of companies were able to thwart a simulated ransomware attack. For the rest, the ransomware was able to get past their anti-virus defenses.

IT Buyers Welcome Post-Event Email Follow-Up, Study Shows
MediaPost (9/13)
Over a third of all IT buyers would welcome an email from a salesperson following an event, according to the 2017 Event Marketing Insights, a study by UBM Americas. Specifically, 38% want an email from a sales rep. In addition, 31% would prefer an email or call from a product manager. But it has to be done quickly.

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