September 19, 2017

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Google Offers To Serve Up Rival Ads In Response To EU Shopping Search Violation
MediaPost (9/18)
Google has offered to serve up rival shopping comparison sites via an auction to comply in the interim period with the $2.7 billion fine the European Union imposed on the search giant for favoring its own content in Shopping search results.

GE Working on Robot That It Says Can Save $200 Billion of Power
Bloomberg (9/18)
The technology would optimize how electricity flows in and out of storage devices such as batteries and points of consumption, in real time. This is expected to significantly increase the efficiency of the grid and save consumers money.

Chambers Stepping Down from Cisco’s Board
Network World (9/18)
Chambers was appointed CEO of Cisco in 1995 after joining the company in 1992 as head of its sales division. He served in the role until 2015, growing company revenues from $1.2 billion to more than $50 billion.

Equifax Suffered a Hack Almost Five Months Earlier Than the Date It Disclosed
Bloomberg (9/19)
New questions about Equifax’s timeline are also likely to become central to the crush of lawsuits being filed against the Atlanta-based company. Investigators and consumers alike want to know how a trusted custodian of so many Americans’ private data could let hackers gain access to the most important details of financial identity.”


Industry Perspectives
Programmatic is Finally Figuring Out A Basic Flaw in Ad Auctions
Digiday (9/19)
Since ad buyers remain perplexed by the seemingly simple issue of figuring out what type of auction they are bidding in, a group of supply-side platforms have independently stated that they will pass along data in the bid request that tells ad buyers what type of auction they are participating in.

Safer But Not Immune: Cloud Lessons from the Equifax Breach
InfoWorld (9/19)
There’s a lot of commentary out there from people—vendors, consultants, and the press—who don’t know what actually happened at Equifax or don’t really know much about enterprise security, yet claim they would have done better. Don't listen to such people.

‘We Are Not Going to Give Up’: German Publishers Continue War with Ad Blockers
Digiday (9/19)
It’s one thing if you have users circumventing your idea of how your business works; it’s another thing entirely to have a professional organization earning off that. It’s something we thought as a principle we should do more to address ad blocking now.


CPG Brands Replace Demographic Targeting with Behavioral Targeting
AdExchanger (9/18)
Demographic targeting and behavioral targeting have both been around since internet advertising’s early days, but big CPG brands now say behavioral targeting drives the biggest results online. Instead of trying to hit in-target demos, they’re looking for more creative ways to connect with consumers based on purchase history or interests.

Blockchain Marketing Technology Has Arrived and Is About to Explode
VentureBeat (9/18)
When you think of blockchain, you usually think about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. While these are interesting and disruptive in their own right, it is the non-currency applications of blockchain that could truly revolutionize how we do business.

Facebook Video May Be Hot, But Personalization Is the Real Payoff
Adweek (9/18)
Think about how to create a resonant journey, personalizing the message and delivery for their audience across times and activities. To effectively execute a resonant journey, analyze how time of day impacts consumer engagement and build a plan and execute creative differently.”

Research Insights
Most Marketers Say They Understand AI, but the Details Are Hazy
eMarketer (9/19)
The survey also found that chatbots had the deepest level of adoption among those polled. Twenty-seven percent of respondents said their companies used the conversation programs 'a lot,' while 28% used them 'a little,' with the remainder not using them at all.

Dell and ASUS See Solid Year-Over-Year Growth in Worldwide PC Monitor Market in Second Quarter of 2017
IDC (9/18)
While the shipment total represented a decline of 6.4% over the prior year, some of the market softness can be attributed to a strong 2Q16, presenting the most recently closed quarter with a challenging comparison. However, market consternations persist. The 28.5 million units shipped also represents a sequential decline of 1.2%, the first sequential decline for a second calendar quarter since 2014.

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