September 28, 2017

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Salesforce Opens Up Its Second-Party Data Marketplace
MarTech Advisor (9/27)
The Data Studio had previously been available only to subscribers of the Salesforce platform, but now anyone can pay the monthly subscription and make arrangements for participating brands’ first-party data, which — when bought, sold or traded — is known as second-party.

Samsung 'Confirms' Radical New Galaxy Smartphone
Forbes (9/27)
Samsung is not being subtle about it. The Galaxy X ‘Folding Phone’ will be its most radical smartphone yet and no less than three confirmations mean Samsung is confident it can drag eyes away from Apple’s similarly named (and eye wateringly expensive) iPhone X.”

Nielsen Doubles Down On Digital, Acquires Visual IQ
MediaPost (9/27)
Nielsen reportedly paid $200 million to acquire eXelate in March 2015, and while the company continues to operate as a free-standing service, its data, software and systems have also been integrated into Nielsen’s offerings.


Adobe Releases AI-Driven Retail Tools For Experience Cloud
MediaPost (9/27)
Acknowledging the complex retail landscape, Adobe’s release helps brands tap into new marketing opportunities such as voice assistants and user-generated content, to personalize marketing content.

Amazon Prepares for Apple and Google Competition with Home Devices Push
Amazon (9/27)
Though hardware products aren’t key to Amazon’s bottom line, they serve as important conduits for popularizing and expanding the Alexa voice-based digital assistant, which is integrated into the latest devices. The gadgets with screens also provide a platform for customers to view content like movies and books from Amazon Prime.”

Industry Perspectives
B2B Products Are Facing a CX Make-or-Break Moment. Here’s Why
Marketing Land (9/27)
Whether it’s a giant like Salesforce or disruptive innovators such as Atlassian and Intercom, the ways successful B2B services convert engaged users into serious, paying customers provide a lesson for other, up-and-coming businesses — B2B and B2C alike.

Why Marketers Are Concerned That 280-Character Tweets Will ‘Dilute’ Twitter’s Marketing Potential
Adweek (9/27)
The company is testing the new format because 140 characters can be limiting and may keep people from using the site altogether. With more characters, ideally Twitter can lure in new users to keep the company growing amid years of missed expectations from Wall Street.

How WPP’s Essence Patrols The Mean Streets Of Programmatic
AdExchanger (9/27)
The reality is we can take time to map out all the controls to put in place, and we will catch just about everything from a brand safety perspective. But it does require adequate coverage. And platforms are not perfect.

Why You Need to Change Your Approach to Combat Phishing
CSO (9/27)
Preemptively 'phishing' your own employees with simulated attack emails and educating those who click on links with a training video is an outdated approach that doesn’t meaningfully increase cyber resilience. Instead, it positions the IT security team as an agitator and source of humiliation for some employees.

Marketers Must Redefine ‘Premium’ In Mobile
AdExchanger (9/28)
Brands must be willing to abandon their traditional definition of premium and instead focus on where their audiences can be found. This means conducting background research across a wide variety of apps, regardless of their utility.

Research Insights
Search Marketers Shift Gears as Consumer Habits Change
eMarketer (9/28)
Search ad spending continues to grow robustly in the US, largely due to mobile. Mobile growth is so strong that overall spending increases are in the double digits, despite declines in desktop-based search ad outlays.

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