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April 11, 2017

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CIO (4/11)

Apple warned that if Qualcomm were to make or sponsor public comparisons of the Intel and Qualcomm-based iPhones, Apple would use the marketing resources at its disposal to 'retaliate' against Qualcomm and its standing as an Apple chipset supplier would be jeopardized.


Bloomberg (4/11)

“'There is strong evidence that Apple is developing its own power-management integrated circuits and intends to replace the chip made by Dialog at least in part,' Karsten Iltgen, analyst at Bankhaus Lampe, said in a research note published Tuesday.

MediaPost (4/10)

Nielsen said the accreditation means its Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings have passed the MRC test for integrations with multiple viewability providers across display and video advertising. The news comes as the digital ad industry continues to reel from advertisers' calls for greater transparency.


Computerworld (4/10)

An acquisition by Foxconn would give Toshiba the scale it needs to advance in the manufacturing of memory and storage. Toshiba is lagging behind Samsung, especially in storage, and hasn't advanced its manufacturing processes as quickly.

Network World (4/10)

“'We expect Deis’ technology to make it even easier for customers to work with our existing container portfolio, including Linux and Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers and Azure Container Service, no matter what tools they choose to use,' said Scott Guthrie, EVP of the Cloud and Enterprise Group at Microsoft in a blog post announcing the purchase.

VentureBeat (4/10)

Carmakers are racing to build greener cars and improve charge times in a bid to meet rising customer demand and fulfill air quality targets but Britain lacks sufficient manufacturing capacity, an area ministers have said they want to build up.





CIO (4/10)

The company has a dominating position in cloud-based infrastructure, but its moves in the application market, albeit reserved, have yet to deliver similar impact. But what if it decides to focus on the collaboration market?


Network World (4/10)

“Could Cisco DevNet Create be the next Apple WWDC or Google I/O? Cisco boasts that more than 400,000 developers have taken advantage of the APIs and SDKs accessible to members of the DevNet community it launched in 2014.

Adweek (4/10)

The updates come as all three of the major technology platforms continue revising how they measure video ads and other formats to help build trust following Facebook’s problems in 2016 with inflated video metrics and YouTube’s ongoing struggle with ads appearing alongside offensive content.

The Drum (4/10)

The social network has also said that the number of businesses with mobile pages on the platform has reached 65 million, revealing the figures less than a month after sister company Instagram announced it had hit the 1 million advertisers mark.

Marketing Land (4/10)

“The idea of value in mobile is reinforced by the change Google recently introduced to its Play Store algorithm: Rather than ranking apps simply by the number of times they’ve been downloaded, Google now places a higher value on engagement and retention, or 'stickiness.' That means that for an app to rank highly in the Play Store, it must have value.




VentureBeat (4/10)

The data shows clearly that the early adopters have had a rocky relationship with native ads. Automotive, tech B2B, entertainment, tech B2C, and finance & insurance, all early adopters of native advertising in 2014, saw their aggregate share of budget decline by 20 percent — from 57 percent in 2014 to 37 percent in 2016.

The Drum (4/10)

The decreasing interest in programmatic for established formats is particularly interesting, the article notes, considering recent news about advertisers boycotting Google over objectionable content near ads. An emerging trend is that marketers want to take a more hands-on approach in deciding where their ads appear and don’t appear.

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