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April 12, 2017

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The Drum (4/11)

The approximate numbers for Amazon video spending would still keep it below Netflix’s $6bn content budget for 2017, however, but would cement Amazon as a top player in the video market. Amazon continues to add new programming after it launched Prime Video globally in over 200 countries in December.


MediaPost (4/11)

“Previously, had put up a 'soft wall' as the site transitioned to a secure HTTPS; it did not prevent ad-block users from reading The Atlantic online. Instead, it suggested they buy an ad-free subscription.

Bloomberg (4/11)

The acrimony in Apple’s suit and Qualcomm’s response late Monday raises the prospect of Qualcomm losing a big portion of the revenue it gets from one of its biggest customers. For Apple, it suggests doubt about the iPhone’s ability to remain a prestige product without the chipmaker’s wireless technology.


CIO (4/11)

Lenovo previously beat HP for the title of the world's top maker in 2013 and has mostly held the position since then. HP regained the top spot this quarter boosted by strong laptop shipments worldwide. Now the question remains if HP can hold the spot.

Yahoo (4/11)

Yahoo had pledged to give support -- legal and otherwise -- to the families of two men jailed as a result of the company sharing their email address and other information with Chinese authorities. The company also said it would create a relief fund for others imprisoned for expressing their views online.





CIO (4/12)

“Richard Maranville became CDO of Freeman Company after he identified a need to better manage and develop the company's digital products. 'As CIO, you spend a lot of time with your business partners who lead operations. As CDO, I spend more time with marketing and our sales organization as we focus on our customers’ needs.'



Marketing Land (4/11)

Agencies are making decisions on the brands’ behalf and should recognize that slavish adherence to a singular metric like CPC or CPA may lead to long-term brand damage. Brands should ask their agencies what steps are in place to make sure that the ads are and will be placed into safe contexts.

Adweek (4/11)

“'Because mobile, digital and so many new opportunities are so alluring and so interesting, we tend to rush in one direction a lot of times in the industry,' said Clark, who urges industry players to keep their options open. 'No consumer simply uses one medium.'

Digiday (4/11)

Instant Articles has been controversial since Facebook launched the fast-loading mobile articles feature in 2015 to keep users on the social platform longer. In Instant, publishers’ articles, signified with a lightning bolt, would load super fast. But many publishers say it doesn’t monetize as well as old-fashioned links that take readers back to the publisher’s own site.

Business 2 Community (4/11)

So, how well are you documenting your business’ content marketing strategy? If your response to that question is something along the lines of, 'We’re publishing content, but we’re not documenting our strategy,' then read on, because it’s important to understand why a documented strategy is more powerful than a simple verbal strategy.”




eMarketer (4/12)

“Sometimes you have to figure out whether having a broad programmatic play across the internet is right, or whether a private exchange with sites that are contextual will be better for prospecting because people are more in the state of mind to respond.



IDC (4/11)

The previous forecast had expected shipments to decline 1.8% in the quarter. And, while the 0.6% growth was arguably flat, the result nonetheless represented the first foray back into positive territory since Q1 2012, when many users still considered PCs their first computing device.

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