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April 18, 2017

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Bloomberg (4/18)

Apple is preparing three iPhones for launch as soon as this fall, including upgraded versions of the current two iPhone models and a new top-of-the-line handset with an overhauled look. For the redesigned phone, Apple is testing a new type of screen, curved glass and stainless steel materials, and more advanced cameras.”


Engadget (4/17)

Google isn't the first big company to jump into the job-recruitment arena. Facebook started rolling out support for job listings this past February. Google is facing a pretty crowded market of established players like LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Monster.

MediaPost (4/17)

Publishers will be able to license news articles with integrated photos and graphics in four news verticals: Technology, Energy, Health & Science and Evergreen. The Technology package covers news on tech products, leaders and companies, including key CEO, executive and analyst interviews.

SDX Central (4/17)

IBM Cognitive Systems are based on the company’s own Power8 processors, which uses Nvidia’s high-speed NVLink interface to work in conjunction with Nvidia’s Tesla Pascal P100 GPU accelerators. The combination is designed to give a performance boost to deep learning and analytics applications.

MediaPost (4/17)

The devices running Android currently being used in the Russian Federation territory will receive a 'selection Window' for the Chrome browser after the next software update that will give users a choice to change their setting to run another search engine.





Digiday (4/18)

A Forrester report found that customers mention a good brand experience to an average of nine people, but will talk about a bad one to 16 people. And perhaps most powerful, a study by the Harvard Business Review concluded that those with positive experiences remain customers for 5 years longer than customers with negative customer experiences.



Adweek (4/17)

“'Astute news brands are embracing their historical missions, clearly defining their purpose and placing it front and center,' noted Nancy Hansell, strategy director at brand consultancy Siegel+Gale. 'Long-held institutions focused on objectivity and free press are under attack and cannot rely on their rich legacy and reputation alone.'

CIO (4/17)

A brand that hopes to survive and prosper must transform into an 'experience business,' where delivering an amazing customer experience is the top-line business goal. Creating great customer experiences separates market leaders from the rest of the pack

Business 2 Community (4/18)

These trends are not islands but together amplify and accelerate the way we market and grow our businesses. Mobile phones made social networks even more viral and powerful and their inbuilt cameras just added more content in what was already a nosy online world.



eMarketer (4/18)

In its latest forecast, eMarketer estimates nearly four of every five US digital display dollars will transact programmatically in 2017, totaling $32.56 billion. By the end of the forecast period, that share will rise to 84.0%, leaving little doubt that buyers and sellers are continuing to invest in automated ad buying.



IDC (4/18)

According to the new report, configure, price, quote applications are increasingly central to manufacturers' efforts to more closely align product availability and production capacity with sales efforts, especially for products that are engineered to order, make to order, and assemble to order. Based on this research, IDC provides a number of key recommendations.

MediaPost (4/17)

The study, which was conducted by IPG Media Lab and YuMe, found that compared to mid-roll and outstream formats, pre-roll is considered the least interruptive across devices. Only 17% of mobile device users feeling that the ad interrupts the content compared with 60% on outstream and 72% on mid-roll.

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