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April 19, 2017

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VentureBeat (4/19)

Its latest cash injection takes the company’s total amount raised to $29 million, and it says that it will use its newfound wealth to boost its global growth. SoftBank’s involvement here is no accident either — as part of the deal, SoftBank will become the 'leading distributor' of Dome9’s security platform in Japan.

VentureBeat (4/18)

The company affirmed its belief that its acquisition by Verizon will close in June 2017 — it had been delayed as of last quarter — at which point it’ll become part of the telecommunication company’s Oath umbrella brand with AOL.


MediaPost (4/18)

Omnicom reported today that its first quarter revenue was up 2.5% to nearly $3.6 billion with a 10.7% gain in net income to $241.8 million. The income boost was partly accelerated by a change in accounting rules that helped the firm nearly double its profit growth to $23.4 million.

Bloomberg (4/18)

Messenger will now have a tab highlighting businesses that people can connect with — real estate where advertisers will eventually be able to pay to reach Messenger's 1.2 billion users. A separate tab will tout turn-by-turn games, like poker and chess, that people can play while chatting with friends.





Computerworld (4/19)

As marketplaces struggle with how best to deploy the distributed ledger technology, IT vendors are beginning to test it in their products — in some cases, as a reaction to  customer inquiries rather than a proactive move.



Bloomberg (4/19)

Apple has developed its own processors for years, but has stepped up in-house design of components, including graphics, Bluetooth and other smartphone-related chips, in recent years. That’s expensive, and creates new risks, but it helps the company maintain leverage over suppliers as a recent wave of acquisitions cut the number of chipmakers it works with.

Digiday (4/19)

To keep track of the vendors advertisers bring on, the Post relies on vendor called Domo, which tracks and analyzes the performance of other vendors. But since new ad tech companies are always springing up, it’s unlikely that even a specialized firm like Domo can immediately plug into every third party that Post advertisers use.

CIO (4/18)

Companies undertaking digital transformations are leaning heavily on hybrid clouds to deploy software, a scenario playing out across nearly every industry. To enable this at a high velocity, companies are instituting DevOps, in which code is constantly written, shipped, run and regularly refined.

Marketing Land (4/18)

Native advertising, which is the standard name for creating content that blends seamlessly within its natural surroundings, can bypass dreaded ad blockers and provide a pleasant experience for users, and is predicted to drive 74 percent of all display ad revenue by 2021.



The Drum (4/18)

Additionally, analysts predict as ad buyers and sellers look to muster greater control that 74.5%, or $24.25bn of US digital display ad dollars, transacted programmatically will go to private marketplaces and programmatic direct setups.



eMarketer (4/18)

We just need to, as an industry, continue to make sure we’re all educated about what is available, continue to make sure that we work within those parameters and utilize industry-created resources designed for this purpose, such as JICWEBS [the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards] here in the UK.

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