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April 4, 2017

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VentureBeat (4/4)

Though AWS already claims a number of clients across the Nordic region, offering local server infrastructure makes the transfer of data between clients and Amazon’s servers faster. And with 'data sovereignty' a growing concern for companies globally, being able to store information closer to home should encourage new companies to sign up.


Bloomberg (4/3)

The new unit will oversee more than 20 brands reaching more than a billion consumers, AOL Chief Executive Officer Tim Armstrong said Monday on Twitter. He didn’t elaborate on the plan or explain the name. Business Insider reported earlier Monday that a branding campaign expected in the coming weeks.

VentureBeat (4/3)

SONiC, originally known as Azure Cloud Switch, is Linux-based open source software that runs on networking switches. It’s designed to let public cloud providers do more on their hardware at great scale. Microsoft contributed it to the Facebook-led Open Compute Project (OCP) last year."

Bloomberg (4/3)

Two weeks after companies began yanking ads from YouTube because they were popping up next to hateful videos, Google is trying yet again to halt the crisis. Alphabet Inc.'s main division is introducing a new system that lets outside firms verify ad quality standards on its video service, while expanding its definitions of offensive content.



The Wall Street Journal (4/4)

This new wave of marketers is advocating for experimentation with what works on different digital outlets from Facebook to Snapchat to take advantage of each platform’s unique strengths and audience, rather than try to get all platforms to adopt identical standards for measuring and selling ads.



Network World (4/4)

Many of the key questions and knowledge gaps remain remarkably consistent, and the patterns become clear when you tap into a platform with tens of thousands of those questions. The sum of this computer security community is a reflection on the top computer security anxieties in the world right now.

MarTech Advisor (4/3)

Good marketers live by metrics. Whether you’re talking about customer acquisition costs, ROI of your campaigns, or website conversions, metrics are measures of a marketing team’s success. With the rise of big data, businesses are now looking to their analytics not just to report outcomes, but to answer questions about their customers and guide decision-making.

Network World (4/3)

Many CEOs wrongly believe culture is a concept reserved for 'squishy, beer-for-lunch, feel-good' companies and hot startups, and that it doesn't deserve a place 'at the grown-ups table,' according to Blue. But that thinking couldn't be further from the truth: Culture should, in fact, be at the top of every CEO's priority list.

Adweek (4/3)

Eighty percent of marketing leaders say that AI will 'revolutionize' marketing by 2020, but many CMOs remain paralyzed on the sidelines, questioning how this kind of bleeding-edge tech should be used and if it will provide a marked return on investment.

Computerworld (4/3)

Intel is preparing for the future and making big changes in the way it designs chips. It is realizing that CPUs aren't a big enough business model and has acquired a wide variety of chips to put into devices. The company is even researching quantum computers and neuromorphic chips.




IDC (4/3)

Global spending on cognitive and AI solutions will continue to see significant corporate investment over the next several years, achieving a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54.4% through 2020 when revenues will be more than $46 billion.



eMarketer (4/4)

Not very often, according to March 2017 research from J.P. Morgan—though Snapchat’s sponsored creative tools appear to be catching users’ attention more than its other ad offerings. More than half of US Snapchat users surveyed said they never engaged with sponsored filters or lenses on the platform.

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