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April 6, 2017

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The Drum (4/6)

Samsung’s headline grabbing move to employ facial recognition tech in its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone has raised concerns in some quarters that the world may not be quite ready for the futuristic tool.

Bloomberg (4/5)

The Amazon founder took a page from waterfront hotels and restaurants in the design of a space capsule that Blue Origin plans to use to launch paying tourists into space within two years. The pod will be equipped with the 'largest windows in spacecraft history,' according the company.

VentureBeat (4/5)

The new platform unifies the company’s tools for search, discovery, listening, publishing, engagement, and analysis. Using AI, it lets marketers take action in real time and measure the effect of those actions in a single user interface. Think of it as a 'social cloud,' if you will.

Network World (4/5)

The vulnerability is due to the existence of default credentials for an affected device that is running Cisco Mobility Express Software, regardless of whether the device is configured as a master, subordinate, or standalone access point. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to take complete control of the device.





Bloomberg (4/6)

When Adam Selipsky took over as head of data-visualization company Tableau Inc. in September, the first thing he did was visit some of his biggest customers. None was clamoring for new features or fixes. They only wanted one thing: greater flexibility in buying the product, starting with a subscription plan.



The Drum (4/5)

The advantage that IoT has is that it isn't limited to the five senses that we have, it can extend sensory input and output to many other aspects that could really be useful to our understanding of the world around us while extending those blind spots that humans posses.

Digiday (4/5)

Most traditional media are in big trouble, but they don’t know it, or choose not to acknowledge it, according to our latest Digiday Confessions, in which we exchange anonymity for candor. So says a former consultant based on years in the trenches trying to help such publishers modernize.

Digiday (4/5)

Most agencies today have a global blacklist for brand safety. But the problem with blacklists is that it is easier than ever to create a new domain today, with ads up and running in a very short period of time leaving agencies unable to keep up with the speed.

VentureBeat (4/5)

While a strong, charismatic group of leaders is key to establishing and sustaining a company mission, companies don’t exist in a vacuum — they exist in a market, and they participate in the larger collective fictions of the zeitgeist in which they operate.




eMarketer (4/5)

According to a February 2017 survey from Adobe Digital Insights, less than one-third of respondents said they did not prefer personalized ads. By contrast, more than a third—and more than half of those under 50—preferred personalized messages.



IDC (4/3)

“The Worldwide Semiannual Commercial Robotics Spending Guide report now also includes data on commercial and consumer purchases of drones and after-market drone hardware in addition to spending data on robotic systems, system hardware, software, robotics-related services, and after-market robotics hardware.

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