August 9, 2017

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Vantiv and Worldpay Agree to $12 Billion Merger to Create Global Ecommerce Payments Giant
VentureBeat (8/9)
Payments processing giants Vantiv and Worldpay have finally announced the final terms of their multi-billion dollar merger deal that seeks to create a colossus in the digital payments realm. The deal, which was first announced last month, had been delayed as the duo sought to iron out the finer details.

Google Reveals Sites with ‘Failing’ Ads, Including Forbes, LA Times
Digiday (8/8)
So far, Google has identified about 700 sites as warranting corrective action out of around 100,000 sites it’s reviewed so far. Half of the roughly 700 got a 'failing' status and the other half a 'warning.' Pop-ups accounted for 96 percent of violations on desktop and 54 percent on mobile.


Facebook Is Expelling Unintentional Clicks From Its Garden
AdExchanger (8/8)
Beginning next week, if a user bounces in under two seconds after clicking on an ad, Facebook will remove it from the click tally, meaning that the advertiser doesn’t pay and the publisher doesn’t get credit.

U.K. Proposes Data Laws That Allow People to Delete Their Online History
VentureBeat (8/8)
Lawyers and tech industry experts have said Britain will have to continue complying with GDPR after Britain leaves the European Union in 2019 to avoid disruption to the data traffic that is essential to international business.

Bing Ads Gets New Relevance, Quality Policies
MediaPost (8/8)
The campaigns showing positive performance should see no significant impact resulting from the changes, but the Bing Ads platform will remove non-performing keywords and/or ads that have shown no performance during an undefined 'significant' length of time.

Industry Perspectives
How to Create a Company Culture That Can Weather Failure
CIO (8/9)
“'From the root cause should come any formalized lessons learned, which in turn must clearly identify whether there are any final corrective actions.  Maintain scrutiny and open status of the failure incident until there is managerial confirmation that final corrective actions have been performed,' says Stephen Burgess, consultant at the Uptime Institute.

Snapchat Isn't Interested in Becoming Facebook
Bloomberg (8/9)
“It's a fact that Facebook has been expertly copying Snapchat's most popular features, just when the newly public company needs to be proving it can grow. The only thing Snap can do is innovate faster.

9 Warning Signs of Bad IT Architecture
CIO (8/9)
Maybe you were competing with an outside developer who lowballed a project. Or maybe the business sponsor insisted on too short a deadline. Whatever the reason, you wake up one day to discover a lot of your systems are held together with Band-Aids, chewing gum, and duct tape.

Why Consumers Will Determine How Marketers Use Voice
Adweek (8/8)
By 2020, half of all search discovery will be voice-activated; voice is rapidly becoming important to search marketing. Gone are the days of trying to master the right return for a given keyword query. Now, mapping out consumer intent is critical to success.

Measuring Social Traffic Effectiveness When Conversion is Not the Goal
Marketing Land (8/8)
In many cases, your content and landing pages that get social traffic have a clear success metric: conversion. But what about when your goal is something other than a measurable conversion? What if the main objective of your content is establishing brand authority and reputation? What is the best success measurement in that case?

Research Insights
Analytics Are Widely Used, but Is the Effort Paying Off?
eMarketer (8/9)
Companies are using analytics tools across their organizations, but areas where analytics are used most heavily are not necessarily where they’re most influential, according to data from Econsultancy and Lynchpin.

Smaller Email Lists Generate Higher Engagement
MediaPost (8/8)
The email marketing automation platform analyzed almost two billion emails sent by its customers over a two-month period in 2017 in its report, Email Marketing Benchmarks. The data is derived from email marketers across the world, located in 126 different countries and across 19 industries.

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