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February 13, 2017

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The Drum (2/13)

Over the Western world’s Christmas break the ad fraud problem in digital advertising peaked in terms of media attention. A report detailing a singular ad fraud operation called Methbot helped drive awareness of the issue, though the incident was largely confined to the US.

The Wall Street Journal (2/10)

Microsoft on Friday will begin grading its commercial customers’ Office 365 security settings in an effort to fortify its software and services that are frequent targets of hackers. One insurance company, Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., plans to take the security score into account when setting cyberinsurance rates for customers.”

MediaPost (2/10)

Condé Nast has acquired social data and marketing platform CitizenNet to expand the media company’s audience targeting and data capabilities to its social platforms. CitizenNet will be incorporated into Condé Nast’s data product 'Condé Nast Spire,' which it launched last summer.


CIO (2/10)

The massive investment will make Ford the majority stakeholder in Argo AI, but the automaker said the software company has been structured to operate with 'substantial independence.'

MediaPost (2/10)

One month into 2017 and media spending by new and existing TV networks and digital platforms continues to climb. Some $192.9 million in national TV has been spent by TV networks and digital TV services, according to -- up 7% from the $180.3 million for the same time period a year before.'

The Drum (2/10)

“The MRC will verify the accuracy of the information it delivers to partners, after revelations last year that it had been misreporting its metrics for video ads and publisher partners.





Marketing Tech (2/13)

The uptake in mobile media consumption has created a diverse range of platforms, and marketers now have incredible opportunities for reaching target audiences. However, these technological developments have proven to be somewhat of a double-edged sword; people consume content so rapidly and in so many ways, that it can be hard for brands to catch the eye and convey their message.



Digiday (2/13)

“Server-to-server is still fledgling and has its own drawbacks. One big remaining uncertainty is whether user matching is weaker with server-to-server, which can reduce the value of an impression. And that’s a worry for buyers and sellers alike.

Computerworld (2/10)

At Mobile World Congress later this month, Nokia will show off what it calls WING (worldwide IoT network grid), a virtual global infrastructure that may include multiple private and carrier networks and satellite systems, depending on what an enterprise needs to connect and how it intends to use the data that’s collected.

The Drum (2/10)

According to a study from market research company eMarketer last year, influencer marketing is rapidly growing in part because it can yield more authentic content – and it can help combat ad avoidance among consumers..”

Network World (2/10)

There are big changes afoot in a number of areas — from a political climate that threatens to reshape the already shifting global IT services industry to new data protection and privacy regulations and the drive to extract more value from data to the widespread adoption of new digital technologies to a revolution that’s begun in the more rapid delivery of software and other systems.




The Drum (2/13)

The same study found that half of all US respondents failed to remember which website they read particular news stories on, highlighting the pernicious ability of fake news stories to infiltrate the wider public consciousness.



MediaPost (2/10)

Emotions can be powerful triggers when it comes to the performance of content-led marketing campaigns, according to the findings of a study by BBC StoryWorks, a unit of BBC Worldwide.The latest research -- the second installment of the study 'Science of Engagement' -- explored the connection between emotions and campaign metrics.

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