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January 10, 2017

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The Drum (1/10)

Atlassian currently has its own project management app, Jira, but Trello has more of a loyal following, according to a story in Wired, due to its simplicity and ease of use. It’s also more geared towards a wider market, such as marketers and advertisers, and not just software developers and IT managers.

VentureBeat (1/10)

The company, which has 150 million daily users globally, will book sales in the UK and in other countries where it has no local entity in Britain rather than routing them through lower tax jurisdictions like Ireland and Luxembourg as some other U.S. tech companies do.

Computerworld  (1/9)

The deal with Verizon has been under a cloud since Yahoo disclosed two major breaches of its user database. The latest, which was disclosed in December 2016 but which happened three years earlier, involved the theft of details on a billion users.

Bloomberg (1/9)

Planet, a satellite imaging startup former known as Planet Labs, may acquire Skybox, according to people familiar with the situation. Some employees from the Alphabet division, renamed Terra Bella last year, would move to Planet as part of the deal, while others may get different positions at Google.”


The Drum (1/9)

“'In a nutshell, GE wants to innovate more quickly and believes we can do that with the power of co-creation,' said Amelia Gandara, community leader, Fuse. 'This is a really fun and potentially business changing opportunity for us.'

Network World (1/9)

IBM earned the No. 1 slot for the 24th consecutive year with 8,088 patents granted to its inventors in 2016. Samsung, again ranked second, earned 5,518 patents, and Canon came away with 3,665. Rounding out the Top 5 just as they did in 2015 are Qualcomm with 2,897 patents and Google with 2,835 patents.





Digiday (1/10)

Programmatic advertising is premised on a belief in big data, but for the latest in our anonymous Confessions series, we talked to a former ad tech executive who says that in the quest to differentiate on their services, a lot of vendors play fast and loose with the truth.



The Drum (1/10)

Since its launch just three years ago, Slack has been named as one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley, boasting four million daily active users, a valuation upwards of $3.8bn and a slew of high-profile clients including IBM, Conde Nast and LinkedIn. In 2015 Fortune magazine crowned it the youngest billion dollar startup."

Digiday (1/10)

Publishers who spoke to Digiday were excited about the potential of mid-roll ads to help them create a revenue stream around Facebook video. But some sources were concerned that the ads would reduce engagement.

Adweek (1/9)

If you took a tour of the show floor at CES 2017, you know that among a few other trends including virtual reality, the Internet of Things had its moment in 2017. With more companies debuting their IoT products this year, Adweek caught up with OMD's chief investment officer Ben Winkler to take a tour of the show floor.

The Drum (1/9)

“From the evolving world of artificial intelligence to expectations of instant communications, consumers seeking the value of a product offer marketers more opportunities to make inroads going in 2017.

AdExchanger (1/6)

Global media companies – or any global company, for that matter – face a complex set of challenges when they try to equitably invest at the local, regional and global levels. The best chance of success is when all company decision-makers around the world are in sync, which requires a concerted effort that is easier said than done.




Forbes (1/9)

Today’s CMO is more than the bullhorn for the brand. In fact, the role has changed profoundly. According to Gartner research, CMOs are taking on expanded responsibility for digital commerce, customer experience, innovation, sales—even IT. 




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