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January 11, 2017

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Bloomberg (1/11)

The de facto head of the Samsung Group was summoned to appear at 9:30 a.m. in Seoul on Thursday, special prosecution spokesman Lee Kyu-chul said in a briefing. While Lee, 48, was widely expected to be called in for questioning, the fact that he was identified as a suspect was a surprise.


The Drum (1/11)

Google has confirmed that it is to disconnect its fleet of self-driving cars from the internet unless absolutely necessary to prevent their technology falling prey to hackers, according to the chief executive of its driverless car program.

Adweek (1/10)

The diversification of tools is what many big-budget marketers—who need particular utilities on the mobile platform to do their jobs well—want to see. And such moves should intrigue revenue-minded investors heading into Snap Inc.'s seemingly inevitable 2017 IPO. According to a Snap rep, the latest additions are deep-linking and web auto-fill.


Bloomberg (1/10)

The company, also known as Foxconn, posted a 2.8 percent fall in 2016 sales to NT$4.36 trillion ($136.5 billion), it said in a filing to Taiwan’s stock exchange, mostly in line with analysts’ estimates. It was Hon Hai’s first decline in annual revenue since listing in 1991.

CIO (1/10)

Geared to organizations with at least 250 users, MPSA is Microsoft's simplified agreement consolidating purchase of cloud services and software. The move detailed today follows on Microsoft's decision to not move forward with its proposed Enterprise Advantage program, which was supposed to allow customers to buy organization-wide on the MPSA.





Digiday (1/11)

Older, evergreen content has always been a source of traffic for publishers; for some, it’s core to their business models. But recently, publishers big and small have embraced a wide array of tactics to get more value out of their stories.”

PCWorld (1/11)

Tech novices need our help. They tend to run into the same pitfalls, and some of them make the same mistakes over and over. A novice friend may have cost you hours of informal tech support. Here's something you can show them before that next desperate phone call. To the novices out there: Get smarter by reading this."

The Drum (1/11)

2016 was a banner year for artificial intelligence (AI). Across customer experiences, marketing and business it was a year with many inflection points. Understanding them will help us better gauge how it will gain even more traction in 2017.



Computerworld (1/10)

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Adweek (1/10)

“About two years ago, Facebook launched dynamic ads—the retargeted promos that pop up in newsfeeds after someone looks at a product on a retailer's website or mobile app. Now the social giant is expanding the format to let advertisers target more Facebook users based on their web activity.

Business 2 Community (1/10)

Although conveying the correct information is important for marketers it’s all about grabbing attention. And with 94% more views on articles with visual content, there is no doubt that visuals are the way forward for marketers.




eMarketer (1/11)

While data-driven marketing refers to wide range of marketing tactics, many executives mention cross-channel and cross-device marketing and advertising, along with lookalike targeting, as three of the most popular data-fueled marketing tactics.



IDC (1/10)

Worldwide spending on robotics and related services will more than double by 2020, growing from $91.5 billion in 2016 to more than $188 billion in 2020, according to the newly updated Worldwide Commercial Robotics Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC).

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