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January 18, 2017

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Computerworld (1/18)

SimpliVity makes management software that helps administrators gain control over data center resources. The tools help enterprises make efficient use of server, storage and networking resources. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter.

Bloomberg (1/17)

European Union competition watchdogs ordered Ireland to claw back a record 13 billion euros ($13.9 billion) plus interest in unpaid taxes from the iPhone maker last August, covering the years 2003 to 2014. Apple and Ireland have appealed the EU’s Aug. 30 decision.”

PCWorld (1/17)

The company used its dominance in baseband processors, which manage cellular communication in mobile devices, to force vendors to pay elevated royalties for Qualcomm technologies, the FTC charged in a complaint filed Tuesday in federal court.


MediaPost (1/17)

A source told Publishers Daily that Time feels no pressure to look for buyers. The talks will likely serve as a way to gauge how much the company could sell for — and if it could get a better deal than an unsolicited bid from Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Network World (1/17)

There have been several efforts on the part of handset makers to create a folding device, so the large chocolate bar design of the phone will fit more easily in the pocket. Well, Microsoft has one-upped them with a patent for a mobile device that can be unfolded not once, but twice—turning it into a tablet-style device.

CIO (1/17)

The announcement by Toshiba follows news reports that the company was planning to split its semiconductor  business. The company is considering selling a “partial stake” in its semiconductor business to Western Digital in the U.S., to raise funds for an impairment loss in its U.S. nuclear plant unit, reported Nikkei Asian Review.”





Digiday (1/18)

Facebook readers in Germany can flag dubious stories, which are then forwarded to Correctiv, a well-respected local third-party fact-checking organization. Facebook is also clamping down on those who make money through programmatically served ads alongside fake-news articles. These features were announced in the U.S. in December.



CIO (1/18)

While established companies display their wares in large, elaborately equipped booths on the main floors, there is a place for hopeful entrepreneurs as well. Eureka Park is a section of the show where startups -- some that have just launched their first products and others still in development -- show their stuff.

Digiday (1/18)

Google and Facebook have long had the ability to track individuals across the web, courtesy of their customer login data. But data-privacy law changes in Europe and a recent major entrant into the space — WPP’s media investment arm Group M — have made the topic front and center of industry discussions once again.

eMarketer (1/18)

As influencer marketing evolves from a buzzed-about effort to a proven technique, marketers need to take stock of what they know is effective. Here are five important changes coming up in 2017, and experts' advice about what to do about them.

Adweek (1/18)

Launching today, after the release of three newsletters earlier in the month, Axios intends to shake up the way native advertising plays out alongside news content. Axios has already lined up 10 launch partners, mostly due to its willingness to go against the current system of long-form native advertising.

Marketing Land (1/17)

It’s not the same as snapping your fingers and materializing in the Middle Ages or third millennium, but in the context of marketing and business, social insights can offer serious value. For example, consider how marketers in the following scenarios can use the information we mined from our social data library of one trillion posts to see and seize the future.

Digiday (1/17)

The Times has long identified itself as the paper of record, but it needs to do a better job reaching the young readers that it depends on for subscription growth and who are highly sought after by advertisers. Bottom line: the Times is acknowledging that readers are in control and that it must adapt.



The Drum (1/17)

Adtech is on the wane when it comes to its attractiveness to potential acquirers, with whom martech is increasingly popular, according to financial advisory firm Results International, which has released numbers suggesting that the combined value of deals in both sectors was $24.18bn in 2016.

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