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January 26, 2017

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Computerworld (1/26)

"Facebook's decision to hire Barra as vice president of virtual reality may have been influenced in part by his exposure to the Chinese market, which is forecast by IDC to account for 20 percent of worldwide virtual reality head-mounted displays next year.


Bloomberg (1/26)

According to figures based on the non-profit’s data platform and tech industry database PitchBook, 365 Israeli cybersecurity companies raised a total of $581 million in 2016, about 15 percent of all capital raised by the industry globally.

Bloomberg (1/25)

While the introduction of the Siri virtual assistant in 2011 gave Apple an early presence in AI for consumers, it has since lost ground to rivals such as Google and Amazon. Apple’s penchant for secrecy limited its efforts to improve AI offerings and hire the best talent.

The Drum (1/25)

Expanded policies, better detection and sharper internal expertise investments in 2016 suggest it’s a conundrum not lost on the advertising business as the industry starts to understand its own involvement in ad fraud.

Forbes (1/25)

Prior to Wednesday's update, users saw about a dozen trending topics based on many factors such as their personal interests and which articles were getting the most buzz on the social network. Now, trending topics will no longer be personalized, and every user in the same region will see identical topics.

Computerworld (1/25)

Apple claimed that Qualcomm retaliated because it cooperated with a South Korean government investigation that ultimately saw Qualcomm fined $854 million for unfair licensing practices. Qualcomm vowed to appeal the decision.





Bloomberg (1/26)

Sales of physical books have risen for the past three years in the U.S., and Thomas Rabe sees big profits in selling them. Publishing 'is and will remain one of our strategic core businesses,' says the chief executive officer of Bertelsmann, a German conglomerate founded in 1835 as a printer of church hymns that today employs 117,000 in TV, magazines, education, and more.



Digiday (1/26)

“'It used to be a means to an end and just deal with the technical side,' said Craig Leshen, president and founder of Outsourced Ad Ops. 'But because the industry has become so technical, ad ops has a seat at the table. You have to have ad ops at the table now because they will explain what is feasible and what has to be done in order to meet goals.'

Adweek (1/25)

“Gen Z could not be more different from the millennial generation, according to a new study from ad agency Barkley and FutureCast. The problem, though, is that marketers are already mishandling their approach when it comes to reaching and connecting with the next generation of consumers.

CIO (1/25)

IBM is merging Google's artificial intelligence tools with its own cognitive computing technologies, allowing deep-learning systems to more accurately find answers to complex questions or recognize images or voices.

Marketing Land (1/25)

While ad blockers fight tooth and nail to exist, more publishers will focus on creating better content to keep people engaged and coming back for more, both those that pay for a more ad-free experience or those who choose to tolerate advertising.



MediaShift (1/25)

A recent report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism suggests that this year more newspapers in Europe and the United States will cease to exist. The Journalism, Media and Technology Trends and Predictions 2017 report also predicts that more papers will move from print to digital-only model.



eMarketer (1/25)

An online panel of 1,200 US internet users were shown ad content with either native ad formats, pre-roll formats or a value exchange—such as an opt-in or rewarded video—and were then surveyed to assess engagement and effectiveness. 

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