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January 4, 2017

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MediaPost (1/4)

Connecting IoT devices from different brands may soon become seamless, thanks to a new device language from a leading IoT standards group. The ZigBee Alliance, which comprises more than 400 global companies, just launched its dotdot language at CES.


Computerworld (1/3)

“Intel and HERE plan to jointly develop a 'highly scalable, proof-of-concept architecture' that provides real-time updates of HD maps for self-driving vehicles as well as 'explore opportunities' in IoT and machine learning.

CIO (1/3)

Car makers Ford and Toyota have announced the SmartDeviceLink Consortium, a nonprofit to manage open source software for the interface of Android and iOS smartphone apps with their vehicle infotainment systems.


Bloomberg (1/3)

The new part, successor to a range of chips that run most of the world’s high-end smartphones, will enable thinner handsets with larger batteries and draw less power than its predecessors, according to Qualcomm. It’s also the first processor to be made using 10 nanometer manufacturing process, which makes it the industry’s most advanced piece.”

MediaPost (1/3)

The company had begun an internal investigation and said then it expected to complete the probe by year’s-end. Now the company says the investigation will be delayed by at least a month and estimates the report will be presented 'after the end of January 2017.'”





Digiday (1/4)

This is the reality of CES: For all of the attention heaped on self-driving cars and expensive TVs, there’s also a separate, alternative CES created by and for publishers, advertisers and technology platforms — and it exists almost exclusively on The Strip, inside hotel ballrooms and private suites.



eMarketer (1/4)

Technology is getting smarter. Between predictive analytics and artificially intelligent algorithms, there are a number of decisions that technology can make for businesses. But sometimes that’s not a good thing. Jeff Weiser, CMO of stock photography and editing company Shutterstock, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about why there should always be a balance between automation and human decision-making.

Digiday (1/4)

The Media Ratings Council defines a viewable video impression as 50 percent of an ad’s pixels in view for a minimum of two seconds. GroupM’s more stringent standard is 100 percent of the player is in view, half of the ad with the sound on.

Adweek (1/3)

2017's promised proliferation of Internet of Things technology—everything from smart crockpots to connected cars to personal robots—will make consumer information as equally imperiled as it is rich. 'Vulnerabilities are inherent to all internet communications,' said W.L. Donaldson, CEO of security player Nomx and former United States Marine Corps webmaster at the Pentagon.

CIO (1/3)

While establishing your BI program has been a tremendous effort and has certainly delivered great value to your business, it is only the beginning of your work with data, according to Krishna Nathan, CIO of S&P Global, a $5.3 billion provider of independent credit ratings, benchmarks, analytics and data to the capital and commodity markets worldwide.




eMarketer (1/4)

According to December 2016 research from Ascend2, plans for both budgeting and automation appear to be misaligned. While many marketers felt there were obstacles to their success, not many had them earmarked as an important goal.



Digiday (1/4)

“Mainstream media sites are far bigger users of ad tech, which is blamed for eroding the user experience and ultimately contributing to ad blocking. Mezzobit, a tool that lets publishers audit ad tech on websites, found that mainstream news sites have almost twice as much third-party technology as the fake or misleading news sites.

VentureBeat (1/3)

The news isn’t all gloomy, as emerging markets and technologies are seeing rapid growth, while maturing categories and markets are shrinking. U.S. consumer tech spending will grow from $287 billion in 2016 to $292 billion in 2017. 

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