July 11, 2017

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Google, Facebook Join Online Protest of Net Neutrality Rollback
Bloomberg (7/11)
Organizers hope for an outpouring that can change a seemingly certain trajectory toward action by the FCC to roll back the rule that forbids broadband providers led by AT&T Inc., Comcast Corp. and Verizon Communications Inc. from blocking or slowing data – to hinder rivals, for instance, or to favor affiliated services.

Microsoft Releases New Email Marketing Tool, Connections
MediaPost (7/10)
Microsoft unveiled three new apps targeted to small to medium-sized businesses on Monday at the company’s annual Inspire partner event: Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Bookings.

Snap Slips Below IPO Price Amid Doubts Over Future Growth
Bloomberg (7/10)
To regain value, the company will need to prove that its advertisements are a must-buy, not just an experiment, and will need to keep innovating on its product as Facebook Inc. copies its most popular features, analysts have said.

Amazon eyes Best Buy’s Geek Squad with Smart Home Consultations
VentureBeat (7/10)
Amazon is offering in-home consultations to customers interested in installing smart-home technologies. The service, first reported by Recode, is aimed at consumers interested in new Internet of Things gear but perhaps intimidated about setting them up.

Analysts Downgrade Entire Ad Sector, Cite Media Fragmentation
MediaPost (7/11)
“'With reduced price targets, we continue to rate each of them ‘Hold,’' Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser continued, adding, 'While we continue to expect growth for agencies, challenges that became much more visible by the middle of last year are likely to compress expansion in years ahead vs. prior expectations.'


Promoted Content
Success Story: Delivering High Returns with Content Marketing
A four-year run of The Business Value Exchange (BVEx) has proved the value of an agile model for corporate marketing and is delivering high returns, including engagement with target customers. Read about how DXC and IDG leveraged content marketing to build a community of over 10,000 influencers and CIOs.

Industry Perspectives

Amazon Prime Day 2017: We Pick the Best Electronics, PC, and Mobile Deals

TechHive (7/11)
Amazon Prime Day is an official yearly event now – and Amazon’s pushing harder than ever for its summer sale to rival the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We got an early look at some of the all-day discounts, and it appears that, like last year, a couple of gems exist.

What the EU's Google Ruling Means for Brands and Content Management Providers Worldwide
eMarketer (7/11)
The global brands that complained to the EU because they felt like they weren’t getting their fair share of visibility within Google may see some unintended consequences. Google will have to now tweak its algorithm to keep the EU happy, meaning there will be different SEO tactics for different countries that global brands advertise in.


9 Forces Shaping the Future of IT
CIO (7/11)
Thanks to emerging and converging trends, technology is increasingly freeing workers from routine tasks, from the warehouse to the C-suite. To help you navigate the years ahead, we’ve broken down the forces currently shaping the future of IT work, offering insights from fellow technology leaders on the long-term impact of changes emerging today.

The Top 10 Programmatic Publishers
AdExchanger (7/10)
Smart publishers know that programmatic buys can come with premiums because of unique data, which many of the pubs on our list offer to advertisers, whether it’s registration data, weather data or viewing and listening data. Publishers without strong data can compensate with strong data partnerships and excellent customer service.

What China's VPN Ban Means for Internet Users: Quicktake Q&A
Bloomberg (7/10)
While the nation has long controlled the version of the internet that most of its citizens see, the latest action plugs holes and advances its goal of asserting 'cyber sovereignty' over the web inside its borders. The new rules will go into effect by February.

Research Insights
IDC's Latest CloudView Study Reveals the Top Three Drivers of Cloud Adoption
IDC (7/10)
Newly released results reveal that the top drivers of cloud adoption include improving agility and security, as well as standardizing IT infrastructure. As multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud become more prevalent, the survey revealed that 87% of cloud users have adopted some capabilities for a hybrid cloud strategy, an increase of 17% compared to 2016.

Programmatic Buying Declines 12% In Q1
MediaPost (7/10)
According to the ad sales intelligence platform’s data, 45,008 advertisers purchased ads programmatically in Q1 2016, while in Q1 2017, the number of programmatic advertisers dropped 12% year-over-year, down to 39,415."

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