July 21, 2017

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Slack Courts Developers with New Tools as Competition Heats Up
VentureBeat (7/20)
“'We are doubling down on developers,' said Amir Shevat, Slack’s director of developer relations who previously served in a similar role for Google’s Android operating system. 'Slack is a platform company. We see a direct correlation between our success and the success of our developers.'

Microsoft Regains Turnaround Momentum on Strong Cloud Growth
Bloomberg (7/20)
Shareholders are watching closely to gauge whether Satya Nadella is making progress toward reshaping 42-year-old Microsoft as a cloud-computing powerhouse with new services related to Azure and the Office 365 online productivity apps — a shift that led to a massive sales-force restructuring earlier this month.

IAB Releases New Ad Portfolio with Flexible Ad Sizes in Alignment with LEAN Principles
IAB (7/20)
Developed by the IAB Technology Laboratory, the portfolio’s ad units integrate aspect ratio-based flexible ad sizes, and also incorporate the LEAN Principles of lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported, and non-invasive advertising within all of its mobile, display, and native ad formats.

Google Accelerates Network Speeds for Its Cloud Customers
VentureBeat (7/20)
Google Cloud customers will get faster network speeds as part of an update the company is making across the board to support new technology that reduces network congestion. The algorithm driving the change is called Bottleneck Bandwidth and Round-trip propagation time, or BBR for short. It accelerates networking speeds by more intelligently deciding to slow down or speed up data transfer.

Promoted Content
Success Story: Delivering High Returns with Content Marketing
A four-year run of The Business Value Exchange (BVEx) has proved the value of an agile model for corporate marketing and is delivering high returns, including engagement with target customers. Read about how DXC and IDG leveraged content marketing to build a community of over 10,000 influencers and CIOs.

Industry Perspectives
How Emerging Sales Channels Complicate Account and Campaign Management
AdExchanger (7/21)
Years ago, when publishers sold their fill of direct, they’d simply backfill the rest with networks. The network channel didn’t require much in the way of optimization or account management, so publishers focused on the direct channel. That’s not the case anymore. Both complexity and opportunity are exploding. Private marketplaces, header bidding and new formats continue to proliferate.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Built a $3 Billion Relationship with the CMO
AdExchanger (7/21)
“'The role of the CMO is changing so much,' said Chris Vollmer, global advisory leader for entertainment and media at PwC. 'It’s not just messaging anymore, but architecting the customer experience. That involves a lot more than just great communications.' PwC since acquired upward of seven agencies to build the Experience Center, a roughly 13,000-employee marketing specialty practice under the PwC Digital Services umbrella.

25 Promotion Tactics to Ensure People Actually See Your Content
Marketing Land (7/20)
“A successful content marketing strategy is, at best, based 50 percent on quality content and 50 percent on promotion. It won’t matter if your content is mind-alteringly original or ground-breakingly innovative. If no one reads it, you might as well not have made it.

Apple Gives a Glimpse Into Its Artificial Intelligence Efforts
VentureBeat (7/20)
With the new website, Apple joins other big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft that maintain blogs highlighting how they are researching or using AI technologies in their products. Besides functioning as a way to publicly demonstrate that these companies are using cutting-edge tech, these research blogs also function as recruiting tools for machine-learning specialists.

Three Means to an End: Lessons in Digital Marketing
HuffPost (7/20)
Brands need to be thinking about creating adjacent digital ecosystems that provide real reasons for brand retention and brand loyalty — in essence, marketing’s Holy Grail. We have all had great but quickly forgotten, app or service experiences. Because to do this well, it’s not about apps. Brands need to take digital to the heart of the business and marketing strategy.

Research Insights
Study: 100% Now Use First-Party Data To Retarget
MediaPost (7/20)
The number of video/TV campaigns using first-party data more than doubled between 2015 and 2017, but still represents a small portion overall — up from 5% to 11% of campaigns, according to Videology’s just-released study of how  marketers are using successful first-party advertising strategies for digital video and TV.

More MarTech Tools, Less Market Consolidation?
MediaPost (7/20)
As the automation category grew to over 200 players, the combined landscape of marketing and advertising technology expanded by 40%, to a whopping 5,381 vendors. Of those, only 7% are enterprises, and nearly half are “niche” players with less than $100 million in revenue.

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