July 28, 2017

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Amazon Launches a Review of Its $1 Billion Global Media Buying Business
Adweek (7/28)
Amazon recently issued an RFP seeking a media agency to handle promotional campaigns in North America and other markets around the world. IPG Mediabrands’ Initiative won global media AOR status on the Amazon account in a 2013 review, beating out WPP’s Mindshare and other unnamed competitors. That pitch, however, did not concern U.S. digital buying duties, which remained with the latter holding company’s MEC network.

Xiaomi Secures $1 Billion Loan from 18 Banks to Drive Its Global Retail Efforts
VentureBeat (7/28)
The Chinese tech giant, a popular smartphone brand across a number of countries in Asia, has raised around $1.45 billion in equity financing from some notable names, including Qualcomm Ventures and IDG Capital. It has also revealed that it had secured another three-year syndicated loan in 2014.

‘Uber’s CEO Will Not Be Meg Whitman’, Says Meg Whitman
VentureBeat (7/28)
Whitman, who joined eBay as CEO in 1998 and led it to become an ecommerce titan by the time she left a decade later, joined Hewlett-Packard as CEO in 2011. She remained as HPE CEO after the company’s reshuffle, while also serving as chairperson for HP’s board of directors. But Whitman stepped down from the HP board earlier this week, feeding speculation that an Uber appointment was on the horizon.


Intel Bucks PC Industry Decline with Upbeat Sales Forecasts
Bloomberg (7/27)
Though most of Intel’s sales come from PC chips, the more-lucrative server business has propelled profit and accounted for most of the company’s revenue growth since 2011. Under Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich, Intel has been branching out into new markets such as memory chips that could help make up for the PC market’s persistent decline.

Dropbox Likely to Hire Goldman Sachs for Possible IPO
Bloomberg (7/27)
No final decisions have been made and Dropbox may choose not to go forward with the IPO process. Goldman Sachs has previously advised the company on a credit line as well as earlier funding rounds. Representatives for Dropbox, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan declined to comment.

Apple Discontinues iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle
Macworld (7/27)
Apple moved on from the iPod as a featured product a long time ago, but until Thursday, the company still made the the two iPods available for purchase. The iPod nano was Apple smallest touchscreen device, while the iPod shuffle had no screen at all, relying on a circle of click controls that you use to navigate through a playlist of songs.

Industry Perspectives
Until We Fix Location Data Inaccuracy, We Will Never Close the Mobile Spending Gap
AdExchanger (7/28)
The trend had been to leverage location data from location-based networks as part of a media buy. But in the last year or so, a movement started. Marketers are taking a closer look at all of their data and putting a greater onus on data strategy.

What is Design Thinking? The Secret to Digital Success
CIO (7/28)
This innovation philosophy, popularized in recent years by software vendors, is gaining sway among traditional businesses seeking to digitize their products and services. In fact, CIOs now say design thinking, also known as human-centered design, has become a key part of corporate IT strategies.

The Tesla Model 3 is More Than an Electric Car ― It’s a Landmark in Automotive History
Wired (7/28)
Tech trendwatchers may be getting flashbacks to 2007, when another marquee event felt like it was on the cusp of revolutionizing the world: If Tesla gets this right, the Model 3 will be the iPhone of the car world, leading the way for a whole pack of imitators.

Artificial Intelligence is Infiltrating Ad Tech
Digiday (7/27)
For AI products to work, they need to be tailored to the client’s specific use, which is advice that often goes unheeded in sales pitches where third-party AI vendors claim they can solve clients’ problems themselves. CafeMedia, for example, had to add its own code on top of the IBM Watson platform to get the AI to properly tag its content.

Research Insights
Email Seen As Top Internal Messaging Tool Through 2020
MediaPost (7/27)
When asked to list the most effective channels for daily communications — i.e., for initiating projects — 41% of CIOs chose email. That was followed by in-person meetings (22%), instant messaging (13%), phone calls (9%), internal social networks (8$) and video conferencing (7%). 

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