June 23, 2017

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BlackBerry’s Banner Year Hits Snag as Software Sales Falter
Bloomberg (6/23)
The lower-than-projected sales struck a negative note in what has otherwise been a banner year for the Waterloo, Ontario-based company. Shares have surged more than 60 percent as investors started treating BlackBerry like the growing software company it has turned itself into.

SpaceX Rockets Gain Steam With Two More Launches This Weekend
Bloomberg (6/23)
SpaceX is slated to fire up a Falcon 9 rocket for the eighth time this year as soon as Friday, matching its flight total for all of last year. Its next launch is scheduled just two days later, with the ramped-up cadence putting the company on track to achieve the 20 to 24 total missions it’s targeting for the year.

WPP, Unilever Invest $15 Million In Celtra
MediaPost (6/22)
Unilever brands now have access to Celtra’s cloud-based Creative Management Platform, which aims to jumpstart a creative transformation in the digital advertising landscape. 'Creative is the conduit for the marketer's message,' said Mihael Mikek, founder and CEO of Celtra.

With VR180, YouTube Steps Gingerly Toward Virtual Reality
Wired (6/22)
“YouTube just announced VR180, an format designed to make creating immersive content a whole lot easier. VR180 cameras from LG, Lenovo, and the Chinese company Yi will follow this winter. The goal is to carve a path between today's 2-D video and the immersive, interactive stuff of tomorrow.
Industry Perspectives
Mobile Marketing Methods That Move Customers To Buy
Forbes (6/23)
When we talk about digital, we are talking about some desktop-based experiences and advertisements, but more specifically, the activity is focused on mobile as a category. Mobile marketing is now arguably the most important piece of shopper marketing—at least if the velocity of money indicators are to be believed.

The World's Most Influential CMOs 2017
Forbes (6/22)
Breaking through a noisy, fractured media landscape as thought leaders and influencers around not just their own companies' products and services but also around a range of business and marketing topics, topics about which they feel personally passionate, has become a new expectation.

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Lead Generation Smarter
MarTech Advisor (6/22)
In the business world, with sales, it’s all about understanding behaviors and motivations. An AI-based system can use computing power to find the best prospects. The computer can use masses of market data which can be compared and matched with ideal customer profiles, saving the sales rep hours and hours of manual labor.


Microsoft: The Future Of Video Is A Combo Of Cloud And AI
AdExchanger (6/22)
“'Microsoft for years has looked at how we take cloud artificial intelligence and apply it to video,' Wahl said. 'My team is responsible for making what Microsoft is doing in cloud AI … applicable in places like media and advertising.'

The Network ROI of Digital Transformation
CIO (6/22)
The IT industry loves buzz words and hyperbole, but rarely do they live up to their advanced billing. That’s not the case with digital transformation, the business phenomenon being fuelled by technology. DT is changing everything, and it’s quickly becoming a case of 'digitize or die.'

Research Insights
Yale and Oxford Researchers Find 50% Chance AI will Outperform Humans by 2062
VentureBeat (6/22)
Experts from Yale and Oxford University recently released their research on how AI will transform modern life by reshaping transportation, finance, health, science, and the military. Key findings pointed toward a 50 percent chance that AI will outperform humans in every job in 45 years’ time.

Cybersecurity Job Market to Suffer Severe Workforce Shortage
CSO (6/22)
The global cybercrime epidemic - predicted to cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021—is creating an unprecedented shortage of cybersecurity workers. These 10 facts, figures, statistics, and observations sum up the employment crisis—and offer a few ideas and programs that may help solve the problem.

Email Skills Rated Highly By B2B Tech Marketers: Study
MediaPost (6/22)
Of 359 B2B technology industry workers surveyed in North America and Europe, 65% said email expertise is important for marketers, ranking email sixth among valued skills. Broken down by age, this includes 74% of the Millennials, 60% of the GenXers and 55% of the Baby Boomers.

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