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March 13, 2017

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Bloomberg (3/13)

The deal is the biggest-ever acquisition of an Israeli technology company and Mobileye’s shares surged 32 percent in premarket trading in New York. The stock has climbed 24 percent since the start of the year, taking its market value to more than $10 billion.

TechCrunch (3/12)

“A Facebook “OG”, Martinazzi was well-liked and respected at the company. He worked with the growth team in some of Facebook’s breakout years before the IPO, and ran all of Messenger product during its modernizing 3.0 redesign in 2013.


Computerworld (3/10)

In addition, the cloud provider expanded its free trial so that users get $300 in credits that they can use for up to 12 months. Google will halt users’ workloads if they eat up all of the credits before the end of 12 months.

Bloomberg (3/10)

The transition comes after the company scaled back an ambitious attempt to build a global communications service by circling the earth with high-altitude balloons. X, the research division of Google parent Alphabet Inc., recruited Moore in August after the unit's earlier leader, Mike Cassidy, stepped down.





The Drum (3/13)

Ericsson turned heads this year at Mobile World Congress when the company, more commonly associated with telecoms network technology, lifted the lid on its plans to help telcos scale their first party data, and get in on the advertising game.



Adweek (3/12)

Advertisers across the spectrum are not only finding clarity in the cloud, they’re basking in the sunny warmth of greater returns on investment, working with the likes of Marketo, Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce.

Quartz (3/12)

The World Wide Web turned 28 today. But rather than celebrate, its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, used the occasion to lay out what he sees as its greatest challenges. Specifically, Berners-Lee points to three threats: the loss of control of personal data, the spread of misinformation, and lack of transparency in political advertising.

Wired (3/12)

What allows hackers access to your devices, after all, are breakdowns and vulnerabilities in the firmware (read: operating system) that runs them. Many companies push out updated versions of that firmware regularly, and those releases often include important security updates.

The Drum (3/11)

Artificial intelligence and bots are still in the early stages, but for a group of brand representatives, utilizing these emerging technologies is simply about being where their customers are – and more and more, that involves being in their homes and on their phones.

Marketing Land (3/10)

The world of online marketing is constantly changing. Banner ads have been replaced by native ads, which offer a better CTR (click-through rate) and higher leads. Native advertising has been used for years, but not all advertisers and marketers are familiar with the concept, and hence haven’t hopped on board yet.




eMarketer (3/13)

eMarketer estimates that the ranks of US digital video viewers will grow from 221.8 million to 239.2 million between 2017 and 2021, and the penetration rate among internet users will increase from 81.2% to 83.5%. As the number of US adult digital video viewers grows, the universe of adult pay TV viewers will continue to contract.



eMarketer (3/13)

“Spending on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) hardware, software and services in Western Europe will reach $2.5 billion in 2017, a 131% increase over the $1.1 billion spent in 2016, according to a new forecast by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

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